Blog 221: April Fools

april fools

Who doesn’t love 1st April? Who doesn’t love pulling pranks on their family? Who doesn’t love the excuse to be annoying to your siblings but using April fools day as an excuse? Who doesn’t love pranks? Are you a person or gives or receives pranks? This is the one day of the year when everyone has permission to play a prank on someone they know. These can be as innocent as turning the radio up to letting the air out of the car tyres. There are so many pranks out there that we can do: insect lamps, air horn to an office seat, blue tack under the mouse, salt in a hot drink, caramelised onion rather than apple, cups full of water across the house, clingfilm door way, these are just a few. They can be a real pain and clearing up can be even worse. I have never been able to pull one of though without being serious!

What is better than having a good laugh and they say laughter is the best medicine, and I believe so! This day is the one day that we will be able to do pranks and for people not to get too mad at it. It is great to have fun and not to hurt anyone in the process-you don’t want to end up at hospital for the day! There are so many people who do pranks on each other and it is so fun no matter how big or small because it means we can have a good laugh. I don’t know why we celebrate this day but there has been many reasons from the shift in the calendar, a festival and the unpredictable weather and the changes that come in April. It is said that the weather wants to prank us with the changes in weather so suddenly. Whatever the reason for it is I believe that through this day people come together and just have fun. We have seen all the images in the paper over the years and it gives us a good laugh in the morning when we are half asleep.

Aprils fools is good to be able to have a laugh and to just be able to have fun together but it is important not to harm anyone! Newspapers and social media is full of pranks and it is good and fun but don’t make anyone mad. Pranks are such a fun and amazing pranks and there are so many out there. Many that people do every year, many that are stupid, many that are weird, many that are silly, many that are personal, many that are targeted at other people. Their are pranks that change each year and the pranks that happen every year and the obvious pranks that people do. All pranks are well and fun if everyone is on board and they are happy to be the butt of a joke.

The most obvious prank that people play is that they are pregnant. This one really hurts me! Many people would love to be pregnant and I understand that but please don’t joke about it. There are many women out there who want to be mothers, many who have lost their babies, many who have had a miscarriage, many who have had a still born, many who have been through enumerable rounds of IVF, many who struggle with being vulnerable, many who lost their babies when they have had a birthday, many who have had to put their babies up for adoption, many who are not able to look after their babies. The last thing that they need to see is a prank that someone is pregnant! It hurts and tears apart a women who is not able to have a child. So this day please do not do this one- there are many more you can do that does not hurt peoples feelings.

All pranks have an aspect of fun in them but there is one thing that happened in this world that was as far away from a prank as possible. This happened so that everyone can be comfortable in their own skin, people don’t have to get approval from anyone else, people don’t have to be popular because God made us the way we are and He sent Jesus to die for us and for us to be welcomed into His family. He doesn’t want us to try and be accepted by society because we have been accepted by Him and His love. Jesus’ death was not a prank instead He died for us and all we need to do is come to Him.

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