Blog 220: God is your maker

god is your maker

Let me tell you life is tough! Life is full of hardships. Life sucks sometimes. Life is full of roller coasters, we have good times we have bad times and so on. We all know that life gets hard but it how we address it that is important. When we have problems in our lives it seems to weigh on our shoulders and we seem to get into moods because of the troubles that are weighing on us. Sometimes we manage and just about stay above water and other times we loose hope and don’t know what to do with our lives. We need to realise though that the bad things come with good things, they come as a pair.

Sometimes we go through the bad things but they won’t always last and the good times will roll around again. Just don’t loose hope in the meantime. It is how we manage with these emotions and turns of life that happen. We have all heard the saying, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and that is true. Every cloud and bad time that we go through is important because we learn and we are able to rely on God more and more. God is our maker, He knows what is going to happen in our lives and He knows when the good and bad things will come. We just need to trust Him and realise that everything is done for His good. God knows what life is going to hold because He is our maker and He knew us before we were even born. God knew what our lives were going to hold before we were even born. God knew what we were going to go through before we were even born. How amazing and incredible is that?

Everything we go through in life is part of Gods perfect plan, it is a learning process for us all. For many people being positive is really hard and not what we can do everyday but God can help us and make sure that we are able to be strong in each challenge that comes along. It is in the mindset of how we respond and how we feel that can make a difference to our lives. Are you ready to trust in God for your life? It may be hard to see the silver lining in the cloud but it is there and we will see it eventually, even if it does take years. All things happen for the goodness of God and for His glory even if we have to go through hardships to get to the end goal. God will support us and look after us as long as we draw near to Him and trust Him for our lives.

Some things in life are really easy and good to get through however some things are harder to learn and to get through. I know that not all of life is happy but if we trust in God then He will lead us and keep us safe in this journey on earth. Think about the day you had yesterday and how it went? There would have been things that were hard but you learnt from them. I remember when I put fairy liquid in the dishwasher because I didn’t have any tablets. That was a hard day as I had to empty the dishwasher once it had overflowed and it was hard work. The people at work mocked me and laughed at me and it was a very hard and tiring day but you know what I learned from that day. I learned from that one mistake that I did not want to be in that work, I didn’t want to be with people for 8 hours a day who mocked me for a small thing but also I learned not to put fairy liquid in the dishwasher! I know that is something small but I learnt a lesson from it and God guided me into another job. Everything is done for Gods glory even though the silliest things.

All things at work, at home, within family, with friends all work for a reason and for the glory of God. Some troubles are heavier than others to bear but God will help us and we who are heavy laden should come to Christ and He will help us through the journey we are having. We can all try and face up to things but if we do it in our own power then we will fail and things will be hard but if we rely on God our creator then He will help and protect us. God our creator knew us before the earth was formed and so He knows how we feel, He will be with us through the thick and thin, He will help us through troubles, He will help us through everything but we need to trust in Him and His love.

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