Blog 218: Being compassionate


Sometimes it is easy to forget how to be kind and compassionate to those around us. We can get so caught up in our own lives, in the needs of ourselves and our families that we sometimes forget what other people are feeling and what they are going through in their lives. It is an easy thing to forget because we see lives through our own eyes and focus on what we want and need rather than other people. We need to show compassion to all the people around us and not just people that we want, not just our family and friends but more people too. When you see someone going through a hard time how do you feel? When you see people in parts of the world with nothing, how do you feel? Do you feel compassionate? Do you want to try and help them?

We seem to have very little to do with those people in need and it seems like we never really feel bad about it and do something about it. Unless it is someone in our immediate then we almost don’t want to care and we certainly don’t want to know. Sometimes all we need to give someone is a smile and for those people that we really know maybe grab a cup of coffee with them. A little smile can make someones day. This act of compassion can be a life saver and a it can have a huge affect on the person receiving it and giving it. Sometimes it is said that people take advantage of a kind heart and compassion but it doesn’t mean that we should stop. Having compassion is a wonderful thing and can change so many peoples lives and thoughts everyday. It can make someone worthwhile and it can make someone feel that their day or life is not as bad as they think.

We do have to understand though that we can’t be compassionate to everyone and we have to choose those certain people. It is said that not everyone can have a compassionate heart but we can all work on it and we can all be better at what we do and how we talk and look at other people. We all have our lives to live so we don’t always have time for people and to show compassionate to everyone but we can try! We are often bogged down with our time with other commitments that it can be hard to show compassionate to everyone. We often show compassion to those people who are near and dear to us but how often do we reach out to those who are further afield and we don’t have much contact with?

In everyday we have a choice to show compassion to each person that we come in contact with from the lady who needs a seat on the train, to a homeless man who needs some food, to someone who has just got of the phone from being angry, to someone who has just be fired from their job, to someone who is grieving, to a child who has just fallen over, to parent who doesn’t have a break from the children, to someone who struggles with anxiety, to someone who just needs a hug, to someone who needs that extra bit of change, to someone who needs to talk, to someone who has dropped something! When was the last person you showed compassion too? Do you feel good about yourself when you do show compassion? Did you know that people feel better when they are treated good and when someone has shown a good action to them. It really can make someones day so much better.

We all struggle to show compassion to each person but can do if we try. Did you know that Jesus showed compassion in everyday and every part of his life? Jesus was so compassionate, He healed the sick, He drove out the evil spirits, He told great things, He loved those people that society drove out, He felt sorry for those people who were lost, He showed people He was the king, He did miracles, He showed love to the outcast, he fed people from a small lunch, He did so many things that showed His compassion and His love for those people around Him. However, Jesus’ biggest compassionate act was giving His life for everyone, not just those people who are unwell or those people who have done the worst sins but for everyone but for everyone who comes to Him, will you?

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