Blog 216: To the Mums

Just two days ago we celebrated mother’s day but I know that it would have been hard for some people. I want to say that every mother is important, whether is is an adoptive mother, a biological mother, a mother-in-law, a mother to be, a mother struggling with the children, a mother who is no longer with us, a women struggling to be a mother, a mother who has a baby in heaven, a mother who lives away, a step mother, a first-time mother, an exhausted mother, a tired mother, a mother who can’t have children, a mother who misses their children, an empty nest mother, a mother who is lonely, a mother suffering from illness, a mother on the death bed, a mother we have lost this year, we salute you. We are grateful to you and blessed to be part of your life.

As you can tell being a mother isn’t all about being biologically related, having a certain age gap, having a child in your arms or even having your child at home. There are different stages of motherhood and I have been told not one of them gets easier! Motherhood is an amazing thing and I am so thankful and blessed by all the mother-like people that I have in my life. My life would be totally different if it wasn’t for their nurturing and having numerous amounts of shoulders to cry on and advice to get.

My mum isn’t a biological mother but I sure do look like her, sorry mum! You wouldn’t know that we aren’t related, you wouldn’t know that we have been through arguments, door slamming, shouting and crying to get here! I have the most amazing mum and I am so grateful for all the things she does for us. It is said that we will never know how hard it is being a mum until you are one and I feel that. I won’t know how hard it is to see my child grow up, see them leave the nest, see them go to their first day of school, see them head to university, see them have their first boyfriend, see them set up their own house. Mothers really do go through all the emotions and some that we don’t even know but only mums do.

Every women goes through life and their dream is to be a mum mainly because that is what we think in society. However, it doesn’t have to happen that way, every women is important whether they are a mum or not. I have been so grateful to have people around me that have been a mother instinct. My mother herself has worked hard to get me to where I am now, from crying during spelling tests to a shoulder to cry on she has been amazing. I don’t know how I would have coped with having three children overnight and she has smashed it! We have fought so many times, disagreed on so much and have even gone a while without speaking but at the end of the day she hasn’t moved and she has waited for me to come back and she did it with open arms.

We have all come here through a women, some may not be here today, others we do not know and others maybe more of a mum than our birth mother is. Each and every women that is a mother is a wonderful thing and they have sacrificed so much so we can be here today. We don’t know what they go through everyday to be able to help us each and everyday to be able to be the people that we are and want to be. They support us through the hard times, they give us a shoulder to cry on, the give us advice and they make sure we do the best that we can be. We all have mothers that are able to help to grow and develop but when they pass away we don’t have them anymore and it is like a piece of our lives missing.

However, we are able to trust and to rely on God more and more. We are able to trust in Him with us growing up and He is able to help us to be able to get through each and everyday. God can help us to grow and develop to the people that we are able to be and we can trust Him to help us through life. He can be their when we need to cry, He can be their when we need to rant, He can be there when we need help, He is there through every part of our lives and He will keep us going even when those people around us are no longer here.

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