Blog 214: Public Embarrassment


Do you remember being at school and having to do PE? Were you the sporty one that annoyed everyone else or where you one of the group that sat on the sidelines? Did you get nervous about changing in front of other people or didn’t really care? How did you feel about PE at school? Did you do the awkward run? Did you make up excuses not to take part? Did people make fun of you? PE is one of those school subjects that we all have to do but it is like Marmite-people either love it or hate it. I was the latter, I hated having to change in front of others, I hated having to run, I hated having to wear stupid shorts. I jut hated the subject and was glad that I did not need to do it anymore when I was home schooled. I was thankful that I did not need to wear the silly shorts and the t-shirts that didn’t really fit me let alone having to change in front of loads of other girls.

It has been said that PE is not for physical education but it is actually for public embarrassment as we all had to do things we hated and things that could ruin our reputation and also make us a target for the bullies both in and out of the school. You may have been in the cool girl group but that was only until you put on your PE kit and looked stupid just like everyone else. There seemed to be nowhere to hide and we wall have to go through this hour of hell whoever we were. Doing PE for many girls was embarrassing as they wanted to impress the boys with their perfect hair and the boys wanted to impress the girls with their football skills but it is hard when you are not sporty. I believe it is good for every child to be able to take part in some physical activity and to be able to get their heart beating but to be embarrassed should not be one of them. As teenagers growing up they have to deal with a lot from hormones to relationships and now embarrassments in PE when they don’t really need it.

We may think that it is only PE that we can feel public embarrassment but everyday too, we go in society and we are different to the other people around and we may feel embarrassed with who we are and how we have grown up to be. we may be a different colour, we may be transsexual, we may be gay, we may have a different religion, we may have a disability, we may be shorter than average, we may be fatter than our neighbour, we may be taller than average, we may be a young mum, we may not work, we may have a different car to the crowd, we may speak a different language and you know what you shouldn’t be embarrassed about all these things but should be grateful for the way you are.

Can you imagine if everyone was the same? If we all spoke the same? We we were all physical? If we were all skinny? Life would be very boring and we would not have much variety in our lives. We should not be embarrassed about who we are and what we want to be as God has created us different to the people around us and He knows the bigger plan and picture for us. God knew us before we were even conceived and He knew what our lives would hold. We are not to be embarrassed about who we are but should be thankful that God made us all differently. Having a different religion to our friends can be really hard and can mean public embarrassment but it shouldn’t mean that and we should all be tolerate of other people and their feelings.

At the end of the day God is judge and He will have the upper hand, He knows what He is doing, He knows how we feel, He knows our thoughts, He knows our inner most being, He knows what our life holds and He knows that all things happens in His good time. Jesus will rule and one day He will return and establish His kingdom here on earth. Are you prepared for that to happen? Are you prepared to put up with public embarrassment so that you can live with Him forever? Are you prepared to have grief in this life to be able to have life in the next?

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