Blog 213: A walk in the park


Do you enjoy walking? How often do you go walking? Do you like walking with your friends and family? It seems life is like walking in the park, walking up hills as highs, going down hills as the lows of life and having to deal and walk through crap to get through life and all that happens. Life seems to come have all the ups and downs and all the rubbish that comes with it. Life can be pretty hard and a whole load of things happen that we least expect it, just like walking in the park, we don’t know what comes our way when we are walking. We don’t know what happens, we don’t know what to expect, we don’t know why thing happen but what we do know is that life is not a walk in the park and it can throw things out way that we don’t expect and that we don’t want.

As we walk through life we have to chose the directions that we go through, we have to choose how we walk, we have to choose whether or not we want to keep going, we have to choose what rubbish comes our way, we have to choose what we do with our lives and how we live it. So many people think that walking through the park is a joyful and peaceful thing but life is very similar and may not be joyful or peaceful. We all know that with life comes hardships but also comes the peaceful and calm times too. There are times when we just want to stop and to give up, we want to pack it in and stop walking because life is throwing too much at us. Walking in life is just like walking in the park things are going to happen in our life walk! Our life walk can be hard and it can be difficult and it can be long but it is worth it and we will have so many adventures on the way!

It is so easy to hear, ‘I understand and you will get through this,’ ‘I know you can do it.’ It can be easy to say so and it can be easy to talk about it and to try and get through life but it is hard to keep on going and to have the stress of trying to get through it. Life is hard, annoying, stressful and we have so many difficult and different things that we need to get through. So many people think life is easy for you but you know that so much can happen and things happen for a reason even if we do not understand it. We need to be grateful and blessed for the journey that we are going on and there are people out there who will helps us to be better and live a better life.

We all have people in our lives that are going through a walk in the park but are going up hill, they are having a difficult time and things are hard and they are struggling. Are you walking through the park with them? Are you going up the hill with them? Are you trying to help them build a future? It is so easy to be with people who are going through an easy time and have their whole life ahead of them but not to stick with them through the hard times. With the people that are walking downhill are you with then through their easy times? Will you be by there side whatever happens? With the easy time that they are going through you need to be able to support them just as much and help them to keep on the right path when so many easy things are coming their way.

One minute we can be in someones life with the easy times but will we be with someone through the hard times? It is easy to say so but will we actually do it? Through our ups and downs, our roller coasters, our easy and hard times not everyone will be with us and believe in us. There will be times when we just need to be by ourselves and we need to keep on going. No matter what happens God will be us whatever we are going through whether up and downs. We will need to rely on God and we need to make sure that we trust in Him for every part of our lives and not just some of it.

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