Blog 210: 9 years gone


Flash back to 22nd February 2012 at 6:30am, 9 years ago today and the world lost a very amazing, special, adorable, charming, funny, lovable, hero gentle-man. The world would never be the same, our lives would never be the same, our future would never be the same, our special occasions would never be the same, Christmas would never be the same, nothing would be the same. However, heaven received a very special man, a very lovable man, a very funny man. Christ opened the gates of heaven to a servant who fought and ran the race very well. Harry Fredrick Curwood went home to be with His Father and we lost a very amazing and awesome husband, dad, grandad. Our lives changed forever.

Harry aka Grandad was born in Peckham, had one older sister and was the life and sole of every event, that was only if he was wasn’t asleep! Seriously though He was the best and he knew when to crack the odd joke and when to be serious. He knew when to be funny and when to talk. He knew when we had enough and He knew when He needed a nap. 9 years ago to this day we all lost a very special person and someone that we didn’t know we would loose so soon. He was taken far too early but God had other plans for both him and us. For me this was the first time that I had really experienced death, the first funeral I had to go to, the first cremation I had to see, the first person with cancer I knew, the first person in my family would had died, it was hard. It was hard to loose someone that I loved so much and someone that I had grown really close to. I didn’t realise it would be so painful to have someone you loved and trusted to suddenly leave and never to be seen again. I knew that he wasn’t very well but it did come as a shock to suddenly know that I would not see him on this earth again.

Grandad was an awesome person, he loved everyone, he cared for his children as well as those in the church, he was excited about spending time with us, he would keep going with all the adventures, he would make us laugh, he would wind us up just before bed time, we was the butt of most jokes but he didn’t mind, he always had to have an afternoon sleep, he took my nannie across the world, he cracked some good jokes, we would always hear him whistling to himself, he took care of his vegetable patch, he was there to listen, he was there to keep everyone calm, he loved every person that was around especially his family but especially his children and grandchildren. I loved Grandad so much and it hurt when God took him to be with Him. Since he has been gone life has not been the same and never will be.

It was hard loosing Grandad because I thought it would never come to a time when God would take him home. Grandad was the best, he kept all the family together, he would be the one who everyone went to for advice and to talk to. Grandad was the best Grandad anyone could have asked for. He had a wonderful life and he would make us laugh so much. It broke my heart when He passed away and it was very hard that it led to me having mental health problems and struggling with my place in laugh. I know that if Grandad was here now then he would want us to do the best and to do him proud even with him not here.

Grandads last words were, ‘I’m going Home.’ What amazing words! He really trusted in Jesus and knew that He was saved and Jesus would have a place for him. He knew that he had run the life race well and God would open up heaven gates and welcome him in as a good and faithful servant. Even though it is hard carrying on life with grandad gone I want to do him proud and I want to live a life that he had given me example to do so. He lived his life so selflessly and was always ready to help others that I want to be able to do the same. I may not be able to see him now but I know for sure that I will see him again and we will both have perfect bodies and with our father in heaven. I miss you grandad but will see you soon!

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  1. I lost two of three parents within thirty days of each other – my Dad and his wife, whom we called “Mom” just as we do our own biological Mom – because we feel parents are more than by “blood,” we honor step-parents in that way. Praying for our families. To know they knew Jesus does make it easier.

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