Blog 207: L.O.V.E


How do you celebrate Valentines day? Do you do anything special for your other half or the person that you love? How do you show love and what does love mean to you? Who do you show love to and why? What does Valentines Day bring up for you, a deep meaningful love or a superficial ‘playground’ love? Do you want someone to know that you love them and this is the only time that you are able to say it secretly? Do you put all your effort into this one day so then they can see why they are special and the things that you love about them? In three days time we will be marking this day in the calendar and I wonder what things you have planned.

It is hard to love other people when we do not love ourselves. We cannot give our all to others when we are struggling with looking in the mirror everyday and not liking the reflection that comes back to us. Maybe we have been torn apart by what people have said and how they have acted around us that we just don’t love ourselves and find it hard to love ourselves. However, it could also be down to the fact that we are not as pretty as the other person or we are too fat or we don’t have the best job or we are too lazy or we treat our children differently or we are poor compared to the next door neighbour. There are so many reasons why we may not love ourselves but we need to learn to and we need to be able to tell others to be able to love themselves too.

Love is a wonderful thing but how many people do you actually love? It seems to me that we seem to love things more than people. We love the new Iphone, we love a certain TV programme, we love that car, we love the new house, we love those plates, we love a certain food, we love going to a certain place, we love that duvet cover, we love that piece of furniture, but we never say we love you to someone and really mean it. It is so sad that we are getting into a generation of loving things more than people and we really need to start changing this up. Over time things will develop and change, things will get better as technology gets better but people will not be here forever, people will gradually pass away and the how will you feel? You need to take as much time with those people that you love as possible and show them that you love them and not just a certain thing in you life that can be replaced, people cannot be replaced.

Love can happen in so many ways and so much can happen from love but we need to know what it really means to love and to be loved. Loving someone is about doing something that you think is best for them, protecting them, caring for them, being there for them, feeding them, putting the other person first in thoughts and actions, wanting them to be happy, wanting them to be warm, being there in their emotions, being there even through the hard times, being there when things are not going their way, being there when no one else is around, giving up everything to be with the person that you love. Loving someone is a choice and not something that you have to do, however it is best if you do so then the world can be a better place.

As much as we try and love other people it can be hard and we don’t always do it in the right way. We try and be there for them but we have other commitments, we try and help them with their emotions but we get tied up in ours, we try and protect them but can’t be there when they are in trouble, we try and help them through hard times but we have our own to deal with. We are not very good at loving other people and it shows in the society that we live in today. However, there was One that showed His love to us, He is with us when things are hard, He is with us when things don’t go well, He is with us when we are full of emotion, He is with us when we are struggling and you know what He even dies for us because He loved us that much! He gave His own life so we could live and all He asks is that we fully trust in Him and His power. We can be loved by Him for all eternity as long as we fully and obediently trust in Him. Jesus chose to love us by giving His life, will you chose to love someone else today by giving your time?

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