Blog 206: Day of Love


We all love a good romantic movie, a good romantic dinner, a good love story, a good meal out, a good time with friends, a good time with the people that we love, a good time with the other half, a good time with those who are special, who doesn’t? Valentine’s day can be hard for some and easy for others, happy for some and sad for others, grateful for some painful for others, love for some and fear for others, kindness for some and anxiety for others. It all depends on our situations, who we have in our lives and what they mean to us. Love should be something that should come easily to use and something that we should show all the time. It should not be something that we show when we are just in a good mood or we like someone but instead all the time.

I have been in the situation of no one to spend Valentines day with and now spending it with my Husband! I don’t know what the big deal with this particular day is but I don’t like to have one day when we think about the people that we love and that we focus on them. It is good that we can have one day in the year that we can show our loved ones how much we love them and how much they mean to us. So many people have happy relationships and I feel that this is the best way that we can show them we love them.

It is amazing what love does to us, it makes us weak at the knees, makes our heart flutter, you get happy when you see or think about the person, you can’t take your eyes of the person, you do everything to make them happy, you get flushed when anyone mentions their name or you think about them. Love is a very strange thing that affects every person in the world, from seeing a baby for the first time to getting married. Love can span all age groups from young toddlers and their friends to the elderly and a love that never ends. Love needs to been shown to all people no matter how we are feeling and no matter what is going on in our personal lives. It will be hard but it will be well worth it and it will make a difference to more and more people. Love can be shown across ages, across generations, across sexes and across cultures. It is a language that is known all across the world and we should be blessed to have more and more people that we are able to love

In our society now we don’t see a lot of love towards each other, we seem to be full of hate and disgust rather than grace and love. There are stabbings, killings, injuries, muggings, fights, arguments, divorces, shouting and so much more. Our society has no love or very little that people show to each other. Love should be shown to each and every person and not just on a certain day either. We should be able to love each other not just in a lovey dovey way but in a kind and nice way. Everyone should help each person as best as they can no matter personal circumstances. We should show love to those people who we find it hard to be kind to-we don’t know what is going on in their lives. Even if things happen then we should try and make up and if that is not able to happen then we should be civil.

Valentines day is where we show love to our nearest and dearest but for me I will be spending it with my Husband and showing him how much I love him and value his love for me. We may set this date aside to show the people around us that we love them but there is one who doesn’t just save it for a day a show us then. He loves us not matter how we behave, how we treat other people, what we say. He is God, the creator of love. The one that loves us so much before we were even born that He sent Jesus to take the punishment and pain for our sin. Jesus took the beating, the mocking, the flocking, the pain, the breathlessness, the wrath of God, the death so we could be near to God and know Him as our real father who loves us no matter what!

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