Blog 205: Love me please?Blog 2Love me please?


Every year there are thousands of roses that have been sold, there are loads of restaurants that have been filled, there are loads of cards that have been written, there are loads of food that has been consumed, there have been loads of take away’s been ordered, there are loads of kisses that have been done, there have been loads of people that are in couples, there are loads of surprises, there are loads of love, there are loads of couples that hate the 14th, there are loads of people that find valentines day hard, there are loads of people that don’t like the 14th, there are loads of people who will feel sorry for themselves, there are loads of people that wish this day didn’t exist, there are loads of people that find this the hardest date in the calendar. The 14th seems to be like Marmite, people either love it or hate it. Which side are you on?

In ten days time it will be February 14th can be great for others but also can be hard for others. We will always be wanting to be in a couple and we can get very jealous of those people around us who are shown love and acceptance. February 14th is a normal day for many but is also the day of love for many more people. For all those people who are not in couples it can be very easy to jealous and annoyed and I understand that. We all know people that have been hurt in love over the last few days, months and years and it can be hard and many people can have trouble at this time of year. Heartbreak can be horrible and it can lead to depression and feeling lonely but in some cases it can lead to low self esteem and sometime suicide. We have all heard in the news of those people that have been rejected or where a partner has cheated that they have felt no other option but to end their life. It is so sad when someone thinks that their life should come to this.

Being loved is something that everyone should be able to have and should feel good about it. Every person, no matter what job they have, what family they have, whether they have a home, whether they have friends everyone should have the opportunity to be loved and should feel love by someone. Everyone should feel love at some point in their lives and whether that be when they are a child or whether they are an adult everyone should feel good about themselves and this starts of with feeling loved. Even if you are not in a couple you should feel loved by the other people around you, you should feel love by your family and friends. When you have been through heartbreak you will know those people that love you because they will stick by you and they will help you to mend your broken heart. Those people will understand and they will help you to keep on going so do reach out and tell people how you are feeling.

Valentine’s day shouldn’t be the only time when we show love to other people and make an effort. We should show it all year round and we should be able to tell people we love them more than we do. We don’t know when our last days here will be so we need to live each day as our last and tell people how we feel before it is too late. We are all human and we all make mistakes and our love seems to be able to depend on how people treat us and how we feel each day. Our love seems to be different each and everyday and because we do not feel the same way and we can get annoyed and upset so our feelings seem to change.

However, God loves us no matter what we feel, however much we sin. We need to ask for forgiveness but He will still love us for being us and He does not need a certain day in the year to show us more. Lets take Gods example and love people for who they are and not who we want them to be. God is love and we need to show it to other people and we need to be able to love each person as God loved us. We don’t need to just have one day in the year where we can show love but we need to show love all the time.

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