Blog 204: Distraction


How often do you sit down and forget what you need to do or you see something else that you need to be able to do? Do you get distracted easily? Do you think that you need to do one thing and then do another? How often do you get distracted? Do you find that you start a job, don’t finish it and then start another? In this world it is so easy to get distracted, there are so many things that happen and so many things that we think need doing. It seems in this world that we can get distracted by the smallest things. Distraction is a really big thing and it can be hard to focus on the things that we need to do. Distraction is a really hard thing to nip in the bud and it can be hard to keep going even when there is nothing around us. The world in which we live these days are hard and the distractions are rife.

This world is full of social media, emails, jobs, children, families and so much more that it is hard to see what is right in front of us. There are so many things that are wanting our attention that it is hard to see what needs dealing with first and what is worth our time. Distraction is all around us and it is hard to do the things that we actually need to do. It is only as we slow down that we see the distractions and we have to see whether they are worth our time. Maybe it is good to be able to have time to slow down and to see the things that really need doing as they are important and we shouldn’t get distracted from them.

We need to slow down so them we are not full of distractions and have time to do the things that we really need to do. If we did all the things that distract us then we wouldn’t do the important jobs and we wouldn’t have the experiences of life and all the things that life brings our way. It is important to have life experiences but we don’t seem to have the experiences in life because we are so busy and full of everything that we have to do rather than the things that we could be doing. Distractions are very bad for us and we need to focus on the things that we can and should do everyday. Everyday we find it hard to do our jobs and to keep going no matter how we try.

We try and work but we have our phones to look at, we have our emails that we have to do, we have people to call and then we have a text from our children’s school that we have to deal with and the distractions start again. Distractions are a hard thing to deal with and even harder to be able to get out of. We all need to figure out what is important and what needs to be done each and everyday. We all need to be able to show each other how to fight distraction and to keep going with the things that we need to do. It is easy to say this rather than to do it.

When was the last time you gave God time in your life? It may have been this morning but instead you saw something else that needed to be done and you got up and did that rather than spending time with God. Maybe it was making the bed, getting out of bed, dealing with the children, running of to work, catching the train, dealing with colleagues, getting the dinner on, de-icing the car. If you are not able to do this in the morning maybe it is better to be able to have time with God in the evening. We need to stop our distractions so then we are able to hear God’s voice and to see what He would like to talk to us. We need to realise that with all the things in the world and all the voices we could listen to we need to listen to one voice as that is more important than any other. We need to listen to God, we need to be ready to hear what He wants to talk to us about through His word and praying to Him. Today will you put distractions to one side and focus on God and what He wants to tell you-do you have listening ears?

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