Blog 202: ‘Winter’ of my life


Is winter you worst or best month of the year? Do you have times when you just want to give up and put your head in the sand? You must remember the times when you have been through the dark times and didn’t think you had a way out. You must remember the times when you think you didn’t have any other friends. You must remember the times when you have struggled to get out of bed. You must remember the times when your friends have given up on you? You must remember the times when you felt like you wanted to give up. You must remember the times when you have had the winter of your life? You must remember when things seemed to be dull? You must remember when every way in which you turned seemed to be dark and lonely. You must remember a time when the path seemed to be going on forever and you didn’t know when it was going to end. You must remember a time when you have been weighed down with life and the choices that you have to make?

I have been through these times and over the last few years I have retracted back into my shell. I used to be a bubbly, open and hyper person and now I am lucky if I get out of bed in the morning! It is said that certain things happen in life that take the ‘life’ out of some people. It is sad that some many people have so many things going on in their lives and they don’t share it which means they get more and more down. We seem to just put it to one side and think that it is part of everyday life but it is the ‘winter’ of their lives. It can be a hard time especially when the ‘winter’ seems to go on for ages and ages. The season of winter is a hard time to get through and it can be difficult but imagine being dark and grim for most of your life-it can be even harder!

Living in this phase of life can and it is easy to be able to shrug it off but it is hard and it does take a while to come through the other end. It can be easy to have no hope but we need to hang in their and we need to be able to have faith that we will get out the other end. Are you strong enough to get through this period of life? You may not be strong enough now but you do have the strength if you look in the right places and have the right people around you. This season of life is full of discomfort and hardship but as with winter this season will be over soon and you won’t always be in this part of life.

For me to get through the ‘winter’ of my life it is hard and it takes a while to be able to get better. I know that this winter period will end and it will take strength and passion to be able to get to the end. I know that I have a good support network and people around me to be able to help me to get through this winter of my life. I know that this season will not be forever and this season will end and I trust that God will take care of me and He will help me to be able to get through any season of my life. Each season of life brings different things and different situations but God knows what He is doing and I know that when I am going through hardships He will protect me and look after me but most of all He will give me the energy to keep on going.

Each season of life is like the seasons of the year winter can be hard and full of challenges, spring can be starting a new job, relationship or new friendship, summer is like all things going well and not having a care in the world, autumn (fall) is like the beginning of something being hard but we are not sure what is going to happen. We know that all things happen for a reason and God has a plan and He knows what He is doing. God is in charge of my life and I know that God knows what type of season is coming my way and He is in charge of it-how amazing!

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