Blog 201’Please leave a voicemail’

busy phone

Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt isolated? Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Do you feel like no one loves you? Have you been on your own for too long? Do you want to have more contact with other people? Have things got difficult for you? Are you physically alone? Are you emotionally drained? Do you feel that God is far away? Have you felt forsaken? Have you felt like there was no one there for you? Have you felt physically alone? Do you feel empty? Do you feel like you shouldn’t be here? Do you feel far away even though their are people around you? I hate when I try and call someone and it goes to voicemail. I know I shouldn’t but I get so annoyed and it gets so frustrating. I don’t understand why people don’t want to talk to me but I also know that they are busy and they have other things to do. I do get annoyed when it goes straight to voicemail and I have to leave a message. I dislike it so much that I don’t leave voicemails!

I have felt like this way for so long that I have now forgotten what it is like to feel surrounded by people and to be able to reach out to other people even if they are around me. Have you ever called someone and it has gone straight to voicemail? I feel like that around people, I feel that I reach out to people but they are busy and they don’t have time. I understand but I don’t understand, why don’t people say what is wrong and why they can’t give me time to be able to talk about my feelings. I feel that even though others are busy they should have time to be able to talk to me and I take it really personally when  I shouldn’t too. Do you feel like there is no one who can help solve your problems and the issues that are on your heart? Do you feel that you need someone to talk to but you don’t have anyone? Do you feel that you have so many issues that you want to talk about? It can be hard and it can be frustrating.

Do you feel this about God? That you try and keep going and it seems like you just get back silence and a busy ringtone? Sometimes I feel that God is so far away that all my calls are going to a voicemail and not being answered. However, I know that in time God will answer my calls and He knows what is happening in my life. He knows how I feel and He knows what is going on before I do, how amazing is that! Sometimes moments of silence can be hard and it can take a lot to keep going but we need to keep going and we need to keep believing that God will do what He says and that He will keep us safe throughout life.

Many times in life people disappoint us, people don’t have time for us, people are busy, people say one thing and do the other thing, people who aren’t there when we need them, people are unavailable, people have their own lives, people aren’t perfect and they do have a busy ringtone! It is hard not to take it too personal and not to be able to feel down because of it. It is hard when people are busy and have a busy ringtone. People will let us down, won’t be there for us and will let us down and it hurts when they do. We can put all the effort into friendships and relationships but they won’t always be there. However, God will be and He is there no matter what happens in our life.

In life many people will come and go but God will never leave our side and God will never let us down. We may call to God and hate the silence and the waiting but what we do know is that God is moving in our lives and God is the one that will help us to get through life. With all the busy ringtones it is important to be able to look to God because He never has a busy ringtone and God will be there when things happen and when everyone else is busy. Praise God that He is there when no one else is.

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