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200 blogs

200 blogs ago and on the 28th February 2018 I didn’t realise that looking forward I would still be writing blogs and people would still be interested in my life. It is amazing to think how my life has changed from being a young single adult, being engaged to now being married and with a family. The last 200 blogs have been a whirlwind of emotions, activities, friendship, family, adventures and so much more but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so pleased and blessed to see how far I have come in my personal life and how much God has used me to show His glory to people around. My life has changed in ways that I had never imagined and I know that as a person, as I get older, I will keep changing as well.

It has taken me many weeks to get to this point and I am so glad that I started on this journey and for all the people that have helped and encouraged me throughout this new adventure that I started in 2018! When I first set up my blogging site I didn’t know that I would keep going for 10 blogs let alone 200. I didn’t know that I had so much to write about. I can’t believe that in writing these blogs I have reached countries all across the world: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Thailand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Holland, New Zealand, Argentina, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Sweden, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR China, Burma, Germany and Macedonia. I am so blessed to reach over 858 people all across these 24 countries. God has blessed me more than I can imagine and I am so thankful to each and every person who has read them.

One of the most important things I have learnt about writing a blog is to be honest and open with the audience and to keep it personal. This is a place where I don’t sugar coat anything and you read what I feel and what I believe. I am not hear for you to read what you feel comfortable reading but I am here to write things that make you feel uncomfortable and want to keep on reading to get to the end. So many blogs out there are amazing but always write what we want to hear and not true stories and feelings, I am not like that. Yes, I have had depression, yes I have had anxiety, yes I have been diagnosed with EUPD, yes I have low self esteem, yes people don’t understand me, yes I have come with a lot of baggage but you know I am determined not to let these ‘label’ tell me who I am and what I should be doing, instead to keep on going and let the negative people to drop away.

When I first thought about writing a blog I didn’t know what to write about but every week God has put something strongly in my heart to write about and I am so thankful for you to sticking through this journey with me. When I first started I din’t know where to start and I didn’t think that 200 years later I would have touched 24 countries and 858 people across the whole world. I am beyond blessed and so thankful that I started this journey when I did. These last 200 blogs have changed me, I have become more aware of mental health, the struggles that happen everyday, the highs and the lows, the friends that never leave, learning to love someone that you want to marry them, starting of my married life, recovering from attempted suicide and EUPD, building my life back from nothing, have family and friend problems, having a support mechanism but most of all trusting that God is in control and He will help me for the next 200 blogs, God willing.

As I look to the future I know it will be hard and I know things will not go as I want them but I know that God is in control and He will help and provide for me. I know that God will never forsake me, I know that He will never leave me, I know that He will give me strength, I know that He will give me wisdom, I know that He will keep me safe, I know that He will hold me close to Him, I know that He knows about my future, I know that He will help me through emotions, I know that He will help me through this world, I know that He is in control, I know that He will accept me for me, I know that He will be with me through every journey and adventure that I take. How amazing is that. Here’s to God helping me through the next 200 blogs and being able to reach out to more people.

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