Blog 199: All Alone


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Or that you feel sad? You have no one to talk to? You can’t go out? Or you feel isolated? You feel that nothing is going your way? You feel that you have no friends? You feel that your family is far away? Do you feel that you are in your own head most of the time? At some point in our lives we will feel isolated and lonely, sad and not loved. It is a sad thing and a lot of people go through this whether in your childhood, teenage years, adulthood or as they get older. If you do not feel isolated now you will do at some point in your life. That’s not to make you feel bad but that is the reality of life and what happens. People will come and go in your life and being alone is part and parcel of life.

Isolation is a lot bigger than most people think. You could have all the friends and family in the world but you could still feel isolated and alone. You still feel that there is no one you can talk to, no one you are able to turn to. Its not that they are not there and not willing to talk but because you don’t want to open up and you don’t want to talk about your feelings. You would much rather people try and read your mind than you having to talk. There are different types of isolation and everyone will feel it in their lives. Isolation can be from being around different people but not being able to say your feelings to being on your own each and everyday. There are so many celebrities that are lonely and isolated. Why? They have everything and they could have all the friends they want but they are still lonely. They want their privacy and so sacrifice getting to know people and knowing people. It is because they are not able to get out and do their ‘normal’ things without a photo being taken, they are not able to be open about their feelings because someone may go to the papers. This is probably the only thing we have in common with them!

With being isolated we need to focus on ourselves and how we are able to be around people and to be with people. Being isolated we are not alone. There are many people that feel it and can be affected by it. If you are feeling isolated then reach out to people, this can be hard but it helps and it helps the other person as well. If you are unable to get out invite people to you or even do the old fashion thing and send a letter or even pick up the phone. Believe me it is very hard and your not sure whether people judge you but once you have done it once then it will be better. It will be better for you and the other person, maybe you could even start a pen pal and talk to someone with totally different experiences and life lessons from you. How fun would that be, talking to someone from a different country and living their life in a different way to you.

Isolation can lead to loneliness which can affect the mental health and how people see the world. When one is lonely they tend to spread it with others and it can be just as common as a cold. Most people miss having someone around. Imagine if you have been married to someone for 60 odd years and then they pass away of course you are going to be lonely and sad. Life can be hard but a lot of older people can feel lonely but young people can be as well. It is a multi generational thing and it is sad. A lot happens in life and we need to be able to talk about it and not to feel judged.

As much as you feel lonely and people may not be around, God is and He will be there when no one else is. God is the protector and provider and will be the friend when no one else is. You could be lonely and not see anyone for so many days, weeks or months but God is there. He hears your prayers when no one else is around and He will be your strengthen when no one else is there and you are feeling weak. It is okay to feel this way because God will strengthen you and He is with you when you are alone.

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