Blog 197: 6 Months Married


What the heck, how have Dan and I already been married for 6 months! I can’t believe that time goes so quickly! How did the last 6 months go so fast and so well? I am so blessed by the memories that we have been able to make in the last 6 months and the adventures that we will go on in the future. Thank you to everyone who celebrated our day with us and we are so thankful for the friends and family that have supported and loved us for the foreseeable future. So many people say it was the best day of there lives and it sounds so cringe but it really is. The day is such a blur but it was such good fun and we had a wonderful time celebrating with everyone and now we look forward to seeing what the next 6 months hold.

I just can’t believe that just over 6 months ago I got married and I am now a Mrs! I couldn’t be more happier! I have heard so many people say that marriage is hard, I wouldn’t say that but I would say that it is different. I know that we have our different interests and we have a different things that we need to do but we enjoy coming back together at the end of the day. I am so thankful that we are now married and we have time together including the rest of our lives. Not only do you have to think about yourself but the other person too. It is a wonderful thing really to wake up to someone every morning, to have someone by your side, to make more adventures, to have someone to make memories with, to talk to someone, to have someone to talk to, to have someone to spend the evenings with, to someone to live with, to have someone who cares about you and it really is a wonderful and very special thing. Life is full of adventure and not knowing what the next day will hold and that is exactly what a marriage is like but I know that we have each other and we can rely on each other as well as God.

Marriage is a wonderful thing and a real blessing. Throughout our marriage the most important thing is to keep God at the centre of this relationship. God was at the first wedding and He will be at the last wedding. God married Adam and Eve and He will marry the church when the time comes. Marriage is a gift from God that shouldn’t be frowned upon but should be celebrated and enjoyed. It is something that should be worked through and something that is hard work but also really enjoyable. Marriage is something that is a gift from God and we should be proud of the marriage that we are in and that we are able to develop. We should be proud of knowing that God created us both to get married and to enjoy our life with each other. Marriage really is wonderful and marriage will be the time that every child can come into the world. Every child deserves to have parents that are married and can love each other and show them a good example to their offspring.

God has been there through every marriage, not every one knows it, and has planned every single detail of everyone’s life. Most people think there is a higher power but don’t fully realise who it is. God is that real power, God controls everyone lives, He is present everywhere and knows what is happening, so much so he knows how much hair is on our head. God even knows if we struggle in marriage and how much we love our spouse but He will give us the strength that we need.

If you are married it is a wonderful gift from God to have a spouse, someone to love 24/7, someone to care for, someone to protect. He knows when we have hardships and the world doesn’t know about it, He knows all things and it is because of this that we are able to turn to him and to know that He will help us through each everyday and He is there for us to turn to.  Marriage is a gift from God and so we will make sure that we treasure it and protect it as much as we can. As much as we need to, if you are married you need to as well, we need to treasure and protect each other and our marriage with all the things that come along.

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