Blog 196: Two years

2 year blogs

Can you believe that I have been writing a blog every week for the last two and a bit years! I am so grateful that I have been able to do this and to reach more and more people each month and all across the world too. I never thought when I changed from writing one a month to writing one every week that I would still have the followers and interest that I have in my life and the challenges that I have. Never did I think when I wrote the first one that I would still be writing them for every week for the next two and a bit years. I didn’t realise that I would want to change and I would want to start doing two blogs per week. I am so thankful for all the blogs that I have been able to write, for the subjects I have been able to cover and for the people that I have reached all across the world.

Writing blogs has become part of life every week for the last two and a bit years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have had many people read my blogs, many people comment on my blogs, many people like my blogs and many people who have been influenced by my blogs and I can’t be happier and feel more blessed. For me at the beginning this was just a hobby but it has turned into something bigger and reached across the world. I can’t believe it and am so grateful for every person who reads and then passes them on. Every blog I write is about my life, is real, is raw, is hard, it is honest, but it is well worth it and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want people to know the real me and not the ‘internet’ person.

Each blog that I think of and have written has been written by myself and the life that I live, some blogs have been hard to write some blogs have been easy, some blogs have come naturally, some blogs have had to be thought about, some blogs I write quickly, some blogs take a while but each and everyone I am grateful that I am able to share my life to you and to give you an insight as to what I have done in my life. In the last two and a bit years I have gone from being single, to having a boyfriend, to now being married, to going on holiday, to having family anniversaries, to celebrating birthdays, to giving advice, to Easter, to the seasons of the year, to the pains of living with depression, to people passing away, to getting our first home. I have been able to write about so many things and it has been incredible that I can look back on these in the future and see what I have been able to achieve even with the ‘labels’ over my head.

When I started I didn’t know what blogging would do for me or you. It has helped me have a release and it has helped me to write things down and to show people that even with the hard things in life I have been able to carry on. I couldn’t have done this on my own, my husband has supported me, my family has supported me, my friends have supported me and I am so blessed and grateful for them. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their support over the years and I wouldn’t be able to tell you more of my story every week. For all those people who have supported me I am so grateful and blessed and hope I am able to keep writing more and more blogs.

I thank all the people that have supported me however there is One who has given me this life and has blessed me more than I could have ever thought. God has helped me to be able to keep going when I didn’t have the strength, God has helped me when I am weak, God has helped me when I am tired, God has helped me when I have had no one to turn too, God has helped me to keep going when I want to give up, God has given me ideas and helped me to praise Him even when things have got tough. I am so blessed that God is in my life and God gave me this life to live and I hope I am able to show Gods love and grace through the way I live and treat other people.

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