Blog 191: Blogmas – Day 24 – Christmas Eve


Can you believe that it is only one day until Christmas? Christmas is only 1 days away and this is the time that we begin to panic, think we don’t have everything, think its all gone wrong, the oven might break with the amount of food being prepared, snow could be on the ground, the car might have packed in and to top it of your on Santa’s naughty list. I really hope all that doesn’t happen to you but bad things do seem to come at awkward times! It may be that this year we are preparing to have Christmas in our own houses on our own or it could be that we are not able to see the older people of our family. I can’t remember the last time we had snow for Christmas and we always dream of a white Christmas. However, in reality to have snow at Christmas it can be hard and it can make life a misery especially if we have to go and visit family.

Christmas really is coming now and it is just around the corner. If you have children you know how important these last two days are and how excited they are to see family, to have food but most of all to open their presents. You know they are excited when they keep asking when can they have their presents, when is Santa coming, when are the family visiting? The more children you have the busier it seems to be and the more excited the house seems to get as well as louder! Christmas eve is the last push to keep the children calm and for them to get to bed early for the next few busy and exciting days that are coming. We need to try and keep calm ourselves with all the things that we have to do and once we have got through this day then we are able to enjoy the next couple of days surrounded by family and friends. We all hope that tomorrow we will be able to be surrounded with family but we also need to make the most of everything we have because tomorrow we may be on our own and whatever happens we need to be thankful.

When I was a child I loved the traditions that we used to have, from making rum truffles, to peeling the brussels (yes I still like them), to watching the Christmas movies, to running out to the shops to get the last minute things, to making sure the house was clean, to finding our stockings, to decorating the Christmas tree, to eating Brandy cream, to having a full buffet dinner. There are so many traditions that my husband and I have now bought together to make our own and when we have children we will have new traditions for them as well which will be amazing. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and seeing what traditions we try and the ones that we then keep in place. As much as we like to have new traditions we will always be holding onto the fact that Christmas is here for a reason and we should keep on celebrating it and the real meaning. We should not have this time just because we want to but because of Jesus coming down to earth and the light that He has bought to me and you and the rest of the world.

In all the hype and excitement of Christmas we want to make sure that we don’t loose the real meaning and that we are able to understand that Christ came for us, once and for all, to come as a baby to save us from our sins. Christ was born to a virgin, in a stable, in Bethlehem, out of wedlock and it was all part of Gods plan. Christ was a small boy who really didn’t have much going for him except the fact that He had a mission to die to save people from their sins and to help them to realise that they are sinful and need to be saved. Jesus came to earth not to be selfish and to get into the history books but to save us from ourselves, from our sins and from the darkness that the world provides.

Isn’t it great to think that someone born to a poor family, someone out of wedlock, someone who got lost from their parents is able to do amazing things for this world. We need to know that no matter how invaluable you feel you are here for good work and you need to trust that God will show you what this is and He will help you to realise that He can help you to have a purpose in this life. If we come to God with humble hearts then He can change our lives around and He can help us to trust and follow him.

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