Blog 189: Blogmas – Day 22 – Shine bright


Can you believe that we are already half way through this Christmas month? How the time seems to fly by! I feel like we were just finishing the summer holidays and the children were just going back to school. Isn’t it crazy how life goes and how fast the year seems to go by. The summer has gone past but now it is time to deck the halls, get the Christmas tree up and wrap all the presents. I hope you are ready to be able to get Christmas ready and all the joy that comes with that. We seem to put up the lights and do you realise for every other birthday we blow out the candles but for Christmas we do not. We keep the candle going because they shine bright and Jesus is the light of the world.

Christmas is that time of year when we will all hopefully gather together and we all want to be with one another but life seems to get on top of us and this season seems to be gone within a flash. Is there any other time that is as busy as this time? It seems to get more and more busy and more and more worldly. We seem to have left the real meaning of Christmas at the door and concentrate more on what the world wants and how we always have to be busy with preparations and family. It seems that the world has taken over our Christmas and our lives but we need to remember that Jesus is the one who should shines bright in our lives and we need to show that light through the way we live and the way that we act. Sometimes it will be hard and we will want to give up but we need to keep on going and when we think we have no strength left then God will give us more.

I love being with family at this time of year but as much as I like to be with them I also like to see all the Christmas decorations. I love looking at all the lights, the trees but most of all going up to London to see all the things in the windows and not really having to spend money. The lights seem to be all around us and have you thought about the fact that for Christmas we seem to light the candles and keep them lit however, for every other birthday we seem to blow them out. The candles at Christmas seem to change every year and the candles are so different and so cultured but for most of us candles are the same. We seem to have the same candles on cake unless there is a special birthday.

Have you ever thought about the candles that we have at Christmas? They are all different and I really like them. There are so many candles that get lit in the churches, houses and shops and each one I remember that Christmas is just around the corner and we need to get cracking with the preparation. Candles bring the dark winter nights light and they seem to make everyone so much happier and ready to celebrate. Christmas is the time of the year when we keep the candles and lights going and that is because Jesus is the light of the world and Christmas is the time at which Jesus came into the world. He is the only one who can bring light to us in this dark and sinful world and He is the one who can help us to bring light to other peoples lives too. We should be blessed to know that Jesus gives us light that we are able to give light to other people through His word and the life that He lived. Every time we see a candle or a light we need to remember this and we need to know that we light candles for Christmas and for no other birthday.

Jesus is the one who gives each person light and as we live in darkness He helps us to be able to be the light in this world. There are so many different things that happen in the world that is sinful and dark but Jesus is the light and He will keep us in the light. As much as the world expects us to do certain things Jesus tells us to live a certain way, not because it is bad for us or that He wants to have control over us but He knows that it is good for us to live in a certain way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the lights that help us reflect this.

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