Blog 187: Blogmas – Day 20 – Truth

The Most Repeated Verse in the Bible | Desiring God

How often do you believe someone? How often do you like to hear the truth? Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, sometimes the truth is wonderful and a time of celebration, other times truth can be hard, the truth is something that happens and we need to aware of the truth of life. The truth of life can be really hard, there are people out there who do not have a house, there are people who have been caught with illness, there have been times when the world has been full of hurt and sometimes it is hard to see the truth!

We all like to hear the truth and so here it is. The truth is that Jesus came as a baby, born from a virgin whose father was God, He was visited by shepherd and a star led the wise men to his birth place, He was the King of the Jews and the king of the day tried to kill me, He was a wonderer, He hand picked 12 followers and one of them would go on to betray him, He was killed by the Romans for being innocent, He was buried in the ground but three days later He rose again. He rose so that we can be free of our sins. We can be free of the things that entangle us, the things that get us down and the things that we can be obsessed with.

Today you may be struggling with all different things in life, you may be worried about the future, you may be worried about your family, you may be worried about the virus going around, you may be worried about what the next year may hold but be known of this truth that Jesus will love and protect you for the rest of you life. You just need to do one thing-you just need to fully trust in Jesus and accept Him into your life!

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