Blog 186: Blogmas – Day 19 – The Way

Jesus Wasn't the Only Man to Be Crucified. Here's the History Behind This  Brutal Practice. | Live Science

If you ever go for a walk with me you can almost guarantee that we will get lost, whether we have a map or not I really am not good at direction! I often try and remember and know the way to somewhere but I do often forget and I do often loose my way! To be honest sometimes it is funny, especially if I am in good company, but often it is very annoying. Not knowing the way or getting lost can be very annoying and it can add time on a travel that would normally be simple. I do have to say that most of the time I do not know the way to many things and I am thankful that I do know One who does know the way.

Whenever, we go out we all want to know the way, we all want to know where we are headed and we all want to know what is going to be in our future. We are all human and we do not know what the future is going to hold but what I do know is that God knows the future and God knows where we are all headed and what way we are going. On this earth we are lost, we do not know where we are going and the way that we should go. However, if we truly trust the baby that was born at Christmas we will know that way, we will be able to be focused on the right way and we will want to keep on going on the right path and the right way.

As you go through today don’t forget it was because of the baby born at Christmas that we can have a way to the father, who is God. Believing and trusting in Him we can come to the father and we can know the way that we are meant to go. Jesus is the way to the father and we have to fully trust in him!

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