Blog 184: Blogmas – Day 17- Perfect?


Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and it seems that people seem to be a lot kinder, a lot more patient, a lot more loving and wanting to meet up with you even when they may not have time too. Christmas seems to bring the good out in people and it really does make a difference to the happiness of society. This last year has been hard work with sickness, viruses, lockdown, virtual meetings and so much more but I look back at last Christmas and realise that I have gained a lot, a lot of friends, more family members, more love, more appreciation for what people do around me, more wisdom, better health and a better mindset. As I think of this Christmas period coming up, first I can’t believe it is here already and secondly I can’t get over how different it will be but to help me prepare more I have made a list of the things I need to do, Here are a few ideas:

Decorate the Christmas Tree – This seems to be the very first thing that I want to do, making more memories with my husband and making more traditions. It takes a while to decide what I want on the tree and where I want things but once the main bulk is on I feel better. I seem to fiddle around it for a few days until I know it is ‘perfect’ and then Christmas really has started.

Meet up with family members -A lot of my family, sadly, live quite far away from me so I like to give them a call and to meet up with them at some point over the two weeks that my husband has off work. It is not something that I like to put on a tick list as they are family but I do like to make sure that I see them. It is a perfect time to catch up with both friends and family that we haven’t seen for ages. If I don’t see them now what other time will I see them? This year is going to be totally different though because I am not sure whether I will be able to see family and friends because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak!

Bake some sausage rolls -This is something that has been passed from my mum and even though we seem to take best part of a whole Saturday doing it, I wouldn’t have it any other way! You can beat nothing better than something homemade and they are so perfect, they are the best when they have just come out of the oven or you can even use them for packed lunches. They freeze well too so can last all year round! Why not have a bit of Christmas in the new year!

Watch a Christmas Movie – There is nothing better than having a slob around day in pyjamas and watching a Christmas movie with a nice hot chocolate. Grab a day between Christmas and New Year to be with your nearest and dearest watching a movie and with the fire on. It is a perfect way to see the back of Christmas and to look forward to a new year.

Go to Church – You may not be a church goer the rest of the year but why not try now. You may not enjoy going all the other time of the year but Christmas is the perfect time to head to church and learn all about the Christ thing and what it is like. No Christian has two heads and we don’t act weird, we are just like any other person but with great news that we want to share with you. What is your local church doing for Christmas this year? Why don’t you pop along and have a look?

Take time for yourself – It is the time of year when things can get on top of us and things can get busy that all we are doing is thinking about other people and not actually ourselves and having a break. Christmas is the perfect way to meet up with friends and family but you have to make sure you are ready for it yourself and you have to make sure that in the middle of all the excitement and joy that you have a few minutes a day to yourself to charge your batteries back up.

Christmas isn’t all about getting through the tick list and making sure that everything is done but also making sure you have fun in the meantime. As much as we try and make everything perfect we are not able to because we are not perfect people. We are not able to be perfect ourselves because we have committed a crime that is so big that even our parents won’t forgive us. We are sinful people and we need to cry out to God because He is perfect and He is the only one that can save us and help us to become more and more like Him even in the craziness of Christmas! God is the only One who is perfect and we need to rely and love Him.

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