Blog 179: Blogmas – Day 12 – King of Jews

INRI: The True Meaning in Hebrew

We know that on the cross Jesus was labelled the King of the Jews because He was born in northern Israel and He not only is the king of the Jews but he is also the king of everything. I don’t know about you but I often find it easy to put things before Jesus and Him being the king. I have so many other things in my life that it is hard to remember that Jesus is the King of everything. I have other things in my life and as the days get closer to Christmas I find my days are filling up, I have gifts to buy, I have food to prepare, I have places to go, I have people to see and it is so often easy to put Jesus at the back of my mind and forget that He is the reason for this season.

I often forget to realise that we would not have Christmas if it was not for Jesus coming and being the king of the Jews. We have to remember where Jesus was born was in the middle of the Jews and not only did He come to save the Jews but also the gentiles (those who are not Jews). He came because He was the king of both the Jews and Gentiles, He is the king of every animal in this world and He can be the king of me and you. This doesn’t mean that we cannot do what we want but instead we want to live like Jesus and we want to please Him with the actions, thoughts and words we have day to day.

Today when you are just 12 days away from Christmas please do not forget that Jesus not only is the King of the Jews but He can be king for you too. He will help and guide you and He will not leave you but be with you all the way through life.

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