Blog 177: Blogmas – Day 10 – Reason for the season


It is that time of year again when Christmas is here and everything starts to get mad with preparations, food and presents! I love writing these blogs about Christmas but year after year I do wonder what to write on and whether people would get bored. I suppose everyone thinks that Christmas is the same old but it really isn’t. This year more than any year things are going to be different, things are going to have to change and people will not be here with us that would have been otherwise. Traditions change, there are some gaps at the dinner table from those who can no longer be with us, some gaps have been filled with babies who have been born, there is different food on the table, different families members are around. Christmas can change year on year but the message is the same. Jesus came as a baby from a virgin who was fully God and fully man to live a perfect life to die a perfect death so that we are able to be raised with him and to live in eternity with Jesus in the new heavens and the new earth.

It is amazing and interesting that throughout the years our lives change, we get old, babies are born, people pass away, others get married, new people come into our lives, we have different jobs, we may have moved, children may have started school. Our lives change and our lives are different each and everyday but Christmas has the same message and Christmas does not change. Christmas is a crazy time for all involved and with children it can get even crazier but Jesus should be the centre of this time and we should think about why we have this festive season. We should think when we put the presents under the tree that He is the perfect gift, when we put the candles on that He is the light of the world, when we meet up as a family we can be united under God and with his family, when we have the roast we should know that He provides for us. Jesus is the giver of all things and we need to be thankful and blessed to have this time of the year to really think about what Christmas really means and what it should mean in our individual lives as well.

Every year we same to do the same things or traditions as a family but this year it has a difference to it because we are married and we are making our own traditions gradually. This is a time that we are able to think about our family and friends but when do we stop and think about the really reason of this time of year. When do we have a break in opening presents to think about the greatest present we have ever been given. When do we stop to think about the food on the table and the times when we can have the biggest feast in the world. When do we stop to think about the family and if we are in God’s family we can look forward to being with more people. We need to think that if we were to die today then where would we go?

Christmas is the time of year that we have family time and we see those people that we haven’t been able to see for so many years. We are able to catch up and see how people are doing and catch up with the year that has just gone. Christmas is all about Christ and He was the greatest gift that God has ever given us and we need to think about Him and not just about the worldly things that are happening. Each Christmas we have different presents, different food, maybe different traditions but we have the same present that we have had for over thousands of years. Jesus is the gift that we do not need to wrap up and wait a year to give to people, we don’t need to be in the best mood to share Jesus, we don’t have to be perfect to share this, we can just share it at any point of the year and we should do it.

I am really hoping that you are able to have a good Christmas season, the month has just started and our heads are full with the different things that are going on but take time. Take time to focus on yourself, take time to think about the people that have past, take time to think about the reason for this season, take time to think about the greatest gift of all. Take time this month to focus on the message of Jesus.

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