Blog 175: Blogmas – Day 8 – Presents


These next few days are going to be crazy at home, at school and in the shops. The school nativities may have started, the schools will begin to close (if they haven’t already), the shops are crowded, the Christmas tree needs to be bought, the food needs to be prepared and the presents need to be wrapped. As the days come along there is so much to do and so much that will need to be done so that the next week can run smoothly and without a hitch. Children need to be kept calm, adults need to not be stressed and pets just need to behave! Having presents around the tree can be stressful but we do enjoy opening them and we do enjoy spending the time buying, wrapping and giving them all. It is wonderful to see the joy on so many peoples faces.

Who doesn’t like Christmas?! Maybe those people who are unable to be with their family, those in hospital, those who have lost a loved one in the year, those who are protecting our country, those who live in a different area, those who live on the streets, those who are in pain, those who need to travel, those who hate the cold weather and maybe those people who are sick with Covid-19 and have to isolate. So many people hate Christmas and its not because they are the Grinch but because they have reason not to like this season of life. They may not even like Christmas but they may not like this one because they have lost a loved one or they are feeling down for some reason and that is okay and they can be like that. They can have times when they are down and they can have times when they are not up for anything. If it happens to be at this time of year than it is sad. For anyone Christmas is hard but can also be a really wonderful time of the year. We need to know that we do have family and friends around us who will help us, who will take care of us and who do love us not matter what we are going through.

Would you rather give presents or receive presents? Do you like giving or taking? Do you like your joy or someone else’s joy? Presents are a wonderful thing both giving and receiving. It is amazing to see peoples joy as they open presents and for things that they wanted. Presents are a way of saying, ‘i thank you,’ ‘i love you,’ ‘your amazing.’ It is a time when we can be thankful that people are in our lives and for loving us not matter what is happening and not matter how we have behaved. No matter what we do or what we say presents are a small way to show you are thankful for that certain person and you are grateful that that person is in your life. Our life would be different if they were not here and we would miss them too. At some time that will come in our life and we need to be showing our love while we still have people around who we are able to love and treasure.

At this Christmas time it is going to be busy with people coming and going, presents being wrapped and unwrapped, food being eaten and children having fun that we seem to forget what this season of life is all about. At this time it is important to remember that we were all given a gift and we can all have a gift no matter who you are with. If you are single you can have this gift, if you are married you can have this gift, if you are a child you can have this gift, if you are an adult you can have this gift, if you are homeless you can have this gift, if you are rich you can have this gift, if you are poor you can have this gift, if you have no family you can have this gift, if you are surrounded by people you can have this gift. This gift is for anyone and everyone.

This gift is Jesus’ birth. Jesus was born for you and for me, He came for you and for me, He lived for you and for me, He got beaten for you and me, He got neglected for you and me, He died for you and me, He rose from the dead for you and me. At this Christmas time we need to remember that Jesus came for us and He was born for us. Will you accept the best present you can have this year? No matter what we have been through this last year it is important to know that everything was planned and God has a plan for the next year to come.

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