Blog 174: Blogmas – Day 7 – Son of Man

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph | Dominican Friars, Province of  St. Martin de Porres

Jesus not only was the son of God, which we saw yesterday, but He was the son of man, He grew up with a mother, Mary, and He grew up with a father, Joseph. However, God was Jesus total father and Mary was His mother. Jesus had a standard family, he had brothers and sisters, He had a mother and a father, He had grandparents and was in a good family setting. There would have been some days that were better than others and there would have been times when not everything went to plan but Jesus was perfect because He was fully God and fully man.

At this time of year we are reminded that Jesus was born to a virgin Mary who was about to get married, so most likely around 14-16 years of age, His father was a carpenter and He wasn’t born in a palace, hospital or house but instead born in a stable. When we look back at the future kings of the UK they were all born in the best hospital in the land, no doubt with security, no doubt with the best medication, no doubt with the best nurses and no doubt with the best clothes. Instead Jesus, being the son of man and the one and only true king was born in a stable, He didn’t have security instead all of the animals in the barn, His mother wouldn’t have had any medication, we don’t know whether there were nurses around but if so they certainly weren’t the best in the land and instead of the best clothes he was just swaddled in a blanket.

This does not sound like a kings birth does it? However, it does sound very similar to a humans birth of the same time. The children of old may not have been born in a barn but they would not have had the best things in the world. The reason Jesus came to earth was not to have the fanfare of being born but instead so we can have the fanfare of being the children of God and being sons and daughters of Him-what a wonderful truth that we can think about today!

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