Blog 172: Blogmas – Day 5 – Lord

Come, Lord Jesus |

Did you know in the Bible Lord is mentioned over 700 times in the new testament? How amazing is that and what a word to be able to remember! Not only is Jesus call Jesus Christ but also Jesus the Lord. Not only is he in control of the weather, or the government, or the tides, or the moon, or the stars, or the volcanoes, or the animals but He is also in control of us. He knows what is coming tomorrow before we know what is coming, what we are going to say before we know what we are going to say, He knows what the weather is going to be before the weather people do, He knows when our end date is going to be, He knows how we are going to sleep, He knows what job we are going to have, He knows when we are going to meet our spouse, He knows the name of our children before we have even thought of them. He is Lord of all.

Not only is Jesus Lord of us but he is also Lord of the animals, He is Lord of the trees, He is Lord of sickness, He is Lord of our feelings, He is Lord of the sea, He is Lord of the land, He is Lord of the ocean. He is Lord of all! Can you imagine if we did not have a Lord and order in this life. Imagine if the sun didn’t come up in the morning? Imagine if the waves stood still? Imagine if the grass stopped growing? Imagine if it rained all the time? Imagine if we were not able to sleep. We should be so grateful that the Lord is in control even in the small things of life.

Today as you go ahead with your day make sure that you remember that God is Lord of all and when things are hard today know that God is in control and he is Lord. It may be that you are having a bad day but make sure that you rely on God and know that He is Lord.

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