Blog 170: Blogmas – Day 3 -First Christmas married


I can’t believe another year is here and we are married, how does life go so quickly! How does life happen and I don’t even seem to think about it! I love Christmas, I love the presents, I love buying gifts for other people, I love the food, I love the idea of being with family, I love the carols, I love the joy of children, I love the chilling, I love the positive attitude that so many people seem to have and so much more. It is such a great season to be able to chill out and be with other people that I may not have seen for a year or so! It may be in the middle of winter and freezing cold but it is such a beautiful time of the year. It is time when we are able to go out ice skating, to sing carols and to spend time with each other and I am really blessed that I am able to do this no matter what the last year has held.

However, this year Christmas is a little different, the first Christmas being married, the first Christmas with the in-laws and my family, the first Christmas splitting myself many ways and possible the first Christmas of not being able to travel and a possible lockdown. The first Christmas with a husband. What an amazing time and what a wonderful time to have a husband! Life just gets better and better by the day! Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and this year is a wonderful time for both of us being married and spending Christmas as a married couple! It is wonderful to have someone who I can have to spend this day with and to be make more memories. I am so blessed to be able to have a husband and to have this time together as well as each others families.

There are so many traditions that we had as families growing up, things to cook, things to see, things to make and the presents to be able to give. However, now that we are married it is time that we make our own traditions, we do things that can happen as a family. We will be able to take traditions from both of our childhoods and put them into our family. It great to be able to do this and to be able to start the first of so many things with us as a couple and then as a family! I am really enjoying spending time with my husband and enjoying time with both our families. It has been good to be able to get to do this festive season newly married and with my husband.

Christmas is such a joyful time of the year and time to spend with families but also time to be able to think about what Christmas is all about. As much as it is wonderful to be married and to have a husband this year I will have a husband every year from now on. There will be a Christmas each year but each year it is just as important to be able to tell people why we have this most wonderful time of the year. As much as everything else is special at this time of the year so is the message. We need to think about the message of the Bible rather than the presents, the food, the gatherings, the candles, the services, the songs and rather that Christ is the reason for this season and Christ came to save us from our sins that we have done and that we will do.

If Jesus was not born at this time of the year then we wouldn’t have Easter. Jesus came as a humble baby born in a stable to a virgin-what an amazing thing! As much as we get the gifts that we really want Jesus was the gift that we needed and the gift that God gave to us. It is such an amazing thing that Jesus came for us to forgive our sins. Every gift can be the best and amazing but Jesus is the best. Jesus came down to earth at this time of year to be born to a virgin so that it was a miracle and it was something that we would never expect. He lived the perfect life so we can live a perfect life with Jesus, He died a perfect death so we do not have to die, He was risen so that we are able to be risen with Him in all eternity and it is wonderful. It is such an amazing thing and we need to know that this is the greatest gift for us.

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