Blog 168: Blogmas – Day 1 – Advent

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Its that time of year again and advent has crept on us without us realising it, the turkeys are getting fat, the shops are full of gifts, people are getting wrapping paper, the children are getting excited, the parents are getting stressed, the grandparents are babysitting, the trees are going up, the lights are getting lit, the nativities have started, the ginger bread houses are getting made, the letters to Santa are getting written, workplaces are having their dos, the music is blasting, the advent candles are getting lit, the family meals are happening, the freezer is getting full, its all go go go in the Christmas world, its the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is such a wonderful time and it is time to spend it with the family and friends, be around each other and to see the family members you not have not be able to see all year. Christmas is the time to eat loads, to have cat naps, to open presents and to see the joy on people’s faces when they open there gifts. Christmas is all about giving and seeing the joy that surrounds this time of the year. It is about time we are able to spend with our family and have time with each other. It is time in this advent season to see what is coming up and to sing all the carols and other songs. It is time to wrap up warm and to go carol singing.

For some people it may be the first time that they are on their own, they may have lost a loved one in the past year, some people may be in hospital, some people may not have their children with them, some people may be homeless, some may not have a family, some may be sick, some may be recovering from surgery, some may be down, some may have mental health issues, some may be emotionally and you know what that is all okay and it is fine to feel these ways. Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year for these people and it can be hard to get through. Christmas can cause heartache, sadness and so many other upsetting feelings. We need to be aware of these people and we need to respect their feelings but we also need to help them to see the true meaning of this time of year no matter how they are feeling.

In all the business, the food and the presents we need to realise what the real meaning of Christmas is and why we have this most important time of the year. Christmas is important to say many people but they don’t know why, they think it is just about family and gifts. This is just part of it. We may get the things that we really want for Christmas and we will be grateful but we were given the best present thousand of years ago! Jesus was the meaning of the first Christmas and He has and will be the meaning of all the other Christmases that we do have. We cannot forget that He is the reason for this festive season. It is so easy to forget and to realise that we have other things that need doing but Jesus is the reason as to why we are able to celebrate.

Thousand of years ago at this time of year God sent His one and only son, he sent the person He loved the most, He gave us the best gift that anyone can give us, This little baby was born of a virgin, which is a miracle; He was born in a stable, which is humble; He was conceived out of wedlock; which was frowned upon, He was placed in a manger; which animals had eaten out of, He was born in Bethlehem; which was told before he was born, He was a descendent of David; who was a sinful king. What an amazing thing and what an amazing person. Christmas should always joyful whatever our situation, whoever we are with and however we are feeling. It gets no better than realising that Jesus came for us!

In this busy time take a moment for yourself, take a moment to look around and pause to take this festive period in for yourself. This time is so busy but realise that Jesus came for you, Jesus is this reason for this season and as so much is going on, we need to try and remember this!

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