Blog 167: 1 Month to go

Christmas- cookies and hot chocolate

Can you believe it is only one month until Christmas Day? Isn’t it crazy to think that in a months time Christmas day will be here and it will be the beginning of the end. It will almost be over, people will be full, presents would have been opened, the food will be gone, leftovers in the fridge, Christmas tress just about up, children running wild, chocolate eaten, turkey finished. What a crazy day it will be but what a day full of family and celebration. We are now fully into winter but Christmas is just around the corner and doesn’t it make everything seem better? Christmas seems to give us the boost that we need to get through the winter. We are able to get through this period of time because we look forward to this festive season and we look forward to the new year and a new beginning afterwards.

We are all feeling a little festive and even more so now as advent starts just next week. What have you been able to achieve in this year and what are you looking forward to next year? We all find this next month stressful with getting the last minute presents, posting the cards, checking to make sure everyone has everything they need, seeing who is going where, whether Christmas is with the family or the in-laws. It can be a crazy time of the year but what better time to be able to catch up with family and friends that we have not been able to seen for so long, what a great time to be able to gather for food, for games, for walks and for so much more. I love spending time with my family and the love that we have for each other. It is nice to catch up from the year just gone and to see what else is in other peoples lives.

We hate the lead up but somehow we seem to enjoy the day. I also know people who love the lead up but aren’t keen about the actual day. It is a stressful time and it is important to give family the time that is needed but also to give ourselves the time that we need too. Whatever day Christmas is and whatever we need to do for it we always seem to get caught up in the materials, the emotions, the family, the friends, the food, the presents, the Christmas tree, the table laying and all the other things that we seem to forget what the real meaning is and why we have such a important day in our calendars. We seem to forget what the real meaning is and why we have this day. This day has become so worldly that it has been hard to explain and it has been hard to fully grasp the reason for the season. We need to know that Christmas is all about Jesus and His humble birth.

Over the next month we need to come to realise that Christmas is not all about these kind of things. We need to come to the fact that Christmas is call this because it is all about Christ and His love for us, all about His birth, all about His death, all about His coming to the earth, all about being born to a virgin, all about have a humble start in life, all about being born into the poor, all about being all man and all God, all about walking this earth, all about feeling the feelings that we have. He knew what it was like to have to learn to talk and how to walk, He knew what it was like to be a human on this earth. How amazing that someone who was fully God trod the earth that we trod and felt the feelings that we felt?

Over this next month as the busyness of our lives reaches maximum we need to come and see who Jesus is, go to your local church and see what this is all about. No Christian is strange, we don’t have two heads, we don’t raise our hands high, we don’t always cry, we are normal people. We are normal and sinful people who have recognised that Christ came for us. We have received Christ into our hearts and we know that one day all this material and earth will be gone and we will live with Christ in the new heavens and new earth forever. We will be with Him and He will be with us.

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