Blog 166: Gods Road


Have you ever been lost when you have been driving? This life is just like driving, there are stalls, there are stops, there are breaks, there are times when you need a break! We all have battles and struggles that we need to get through life, both personally, communal, external and internal. We all have battles and we all have times when we just want to park up somewhere and to give up but somehow we are able to keep going and to keep the energy up! Our life seems tough but everyone else’s is hard too, it is not just as perfect other people show on their social media pages, they still have struggles as well too! We all have struggles even if they are private! We all have challenged that we need to try and get through. We all have things that we need to push through. We all have things coming up that we don’t want to go through but we need to try and find the strength to get through it and to keep on going.

We all have struggles, as like driving our struggles come in different sizes, from different directions, from different people, from different energy’s and we ALL have them, yes we ALL have them and it can be a hard life when they all come one after another. When we have one after another after another it can be hard and it can be difficult to keep on going and to see the light at the end of the tunnel but believe me it is still there. There is just a bit of smoke, engine weakness and an uphill struggle to get through first. Through the struggles, through the fears, through the failures, through the everyday life we can still have hope. Things will get better, life will be better, our tears will get dried up, our relationships will get better, our family situations will get better, our illnesses will get better. We need to have faith and we need to keep going on the journey we are on and not to feel bad when we stall or when we stop.

The struggles we go through are a blessing, we come out the side as different people with a different mindset and that is so important to do. Blessings come from God, He helps us to look at the lessons that we have been able to learn, the strength we have developed, the people we have been able to trust, the perseverance we have been able to get. With the right mindset we are able to see our struggles as a blessing because we are going down a road that God wants us to go. It can be a hard road trusting in God and relying on Him but we can know that He does all things for a reason and if we trust in Him He will help us through the struggles, through the stall and through the times when we just need to stop and take time for ourselves.

It is important to have time for ourselves, to have time with family, to have time with our spouses, to just have time to sit back and relax. There is so much going on in this world that it can be stormy and we don’t know what direction to go but it is important that we focus on the real light of God and not the fake flashlight light of the world. God is not stupid or dumb, He knows what He is doing in your life and it is important to believe and trust that. As in everyone’s life there will be storms along the way, there will be sunshine along the way, there will be times when we just need to stop and reflect but God will give us that time.

God and only God, no one else, will help us to be able to relax and recover from all the things that go on in our lives. Even when we feel like we are travelling down a dark and grim road God lights the way, God keeps us safe, God keeps us in His arms but we need to fully trust in Him and His direction and not the way of ourselves or the way of the world. The world tells us one thing and fills us with lies but God fills us with another and they are filled with truth and it is important that we listen to Him and the direction that He wants us to go.

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