Blog 165: Time is ticking

time is ticking

Don’t we all hate waiting, waiting for the next job, waiting for our baby to arrive, waiting for dinner to cook, waiting to go on holiday, waiting to see family and friends, waiting for school to start, waiting for our coffee, waiting for ‘the one’ and waiting for so many other things. It seems like our life is just full of waiting for something to happen or someone to meet. It seems like we are just not satisfied with the season that we are in at the moment and we are always wanting something else to happen but we need to learn to wait and we need to learn to be patient even though for a lot of us it will be hard to do so. At the end of each day when we collapse into bed we often look back on the day and see how well or not it has gone, most often we think about the things that we have been waiting to do but have not been able to do, the to do list gets longer each day because we are waiting for a time to be able to do it. Our life is all about waiting.

However, as much as our life is about waiting our life is also about the time ticking by and going fast. It just seems like yesterday your child went to school for the first day and now they are in college, it seemed like yesterday you were starting your new job and now you are 5 years in. It seemed like yesterday you had your baby but now they are turning 10. It seemed like yesterday we were on the beach but we are now in winter. It seemed like yesterday someone close to you passed away but we are already a year down. Don’t you often look back and wonder how life went so quickly and it seems that we blink and we are 5 years down the road and wondering how the years went so quickly. Without realising it time is ticking, time is flying by and we need to start figuring out how we are going to live our life and what we want our future to hold.

Are you going to be one that sits at home all day and everyday or are you going to work as many hours as possible? Are you going to look forward to things you are waiting for but miss today’s moments? Are you wanting to grow up but miss your childhood memories now? With our time ticking we have a choice to make, are you going to live in the moment and worry about tomorrow when it comes or are you wanting the next few years to fly by? There are many reasons to look to the future but we also have to experience today, we have to look at our children growing up, we have to look at the weather, we have to take in the scenery, we have to take in the smells, we have to take in the sights and by looking to the future we can often ignore the period of life that we are going through now. Yes, time is ticking for the future but time is also ticking for you to be thankful for today. Before you know it today will be over and you will never get it back again- take time today to think about the thing you are doing right now.

When you are waiting for things and waiting for the time to pass by what are you really waiting for? We may be waiting for the day to end but why? We may be waiting for our child to go of to college but why? We may be waiting for us to get a bigger house but why? We may be waiting for a holiday but why? There are so many reasons as to why we are waiting but we need to really look at ourselves and ask ourselves why we are waiting for something to come in the future. Is it because it will be better for us? Is it because we will be happier? More often than not we are waiting for something for ourselves and not for other people. We are waiting because we want something better.

However, there is one thing in our life that we do not have to wait for, there is one thing in our life that we do not have to anticipate. The one thing is Gods love and forgiveness, we can accept that right now and here. Wherever, you are reading this you can know that God loves you, He wants the best for you and He wants you to be part of His family. Time is ticking for you to accept this wonderful news, do it now before it is too late.

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