Blog 164: Believe in yourself


There are times in life when you don’t believe in yourself, times when you doubt yourself, times when you loose confidence, times when you have low self esteem. You would be lying if you say you haven’t had these thoughts. When you are faced with problems, with difficulties it is hard to carry on but you need to believe in yourself and you need to be able to keep going and have a better self-esteem. Do you value yourself? Do you think highly of yourself? Do you love yourself? How often do you look into the mirror and love your reflection? Do you like what you see? Do you like your flaws? Do you like your hair, your freckles, your nose or do you want to change it and the way that you look?

We are unique and different in all our special ways no matter how old we are, where we live, who we are married to, what our family is like we are all amazing and we should love ourselves. Many people are going to walk away from your life and move on with theirs that it may feel that they don’t want to believe in you but you need to believe in yourself, you should never doubt yourself, don’t give up on yourself but instead keep on going! You need to show all the haters that you are better than their thoughts about you and you need to be willing to be happy with who you are and who are are becoming. If you are not sure whether you should take a risk you should but don’t mess around with your body in the process! If you are not sure you can do something, you can! If you are not sure you can be you, you can! If you are not sure whether you believe in yourself then you need to believe in you! You can set your mind to do anything that you want to do. If you have fire in your belly then use it to your advantage. Make sure you are wise in all the things that you want to do and make sure you have a good support network around you to help and support you if it does go wrong.

Failing in life can be hard and not everyone can support you and will support you. You need to take risks and don’t be afraid to look stupid and for people to judge you. Believe in yourself and you will feel so much better about life. Everyone fails at some point in their lives and it is important to because you learn through failing and it is important to believe in yourself and to be better than you were in the morning or yesterday or last week or last month! You are unique and you need to share this with the world. You need to be able to tell yourself that you can do something and that you can believe in yourself even if other people around you don’t believe in you! It has been said, ‘If it doesn’t work the first time try it your wives way!’ That is true but if it doesn’t work the first time then keep on trying!

I personally find it hard to believe in myself and to keep going when I have low self-esteem. It is something that I struggle with and something that I do find really hard. I find it hard which means other people loose faith in me and they gradually move away from me which hurts even more! Believing in myself is something that is something that I need to work on and something that I can pray about. I know that through everything God will help me and He will help me to keep on going no matter how I feel about myself. God believes in me and that I can do it and so I need to believe in myself too!

Can you believe in yourself? Can you get other people to believe in yourself? If you believe in you then other people will too and that is very important and you will feel so much better. God made you, He created you in His image, You are perfect in God’s sight because of Jesus, God is your father and you are His child if you believe in Him. He believes you so you need to believe in yourself. Don’t give up, don’t loose heart and keep on going no matter what life throws at you!

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