Blog 163: Remembering


Yesterday was the day in which the first world war stopped across the whole of Europe. 102 years ago today the peace treaty was signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day in 1918.  We should remember those people who gave up their lives so that we are able to be free and we are able to have the life that we live now. If it was not for them then our lives would be very different and for some of us we would not be born because more people would have died and even more been displaced. How often do you think about those people that have died? Do you know someone who fought in the world wars? Are you related to someone from the wars? Were your family affected by the war? Do your grandparents remember being evacuated? Do you parents remember how they felt? Do you know much about this time in our history? Do you care about the people that gave up their life?

Over the years we have taken peace for granted and have almost let this day pass without a blink. At this time we pay tribute to the people that sacrificed their life for us to live in peace. We often think about the men and women in both wars but what about since then? What about the people in Afghanistan? Iran? Iraq? Europe? Americas? Not only have we had the world wars but we have had many localised wars since then. It is important to remember the two major wars but we signed a peace treaty then but since that time there has not been peace all over the world. There have been more wars, more people dying, more people displaced, more people injured and we have not finished yet because not everyone is going to get along. Not everyone will understand each other, not everyone will talk things through.

On the 11th of November and the Sunday nearest to it we take 2 minutes to remember those men, women and children who gave up their lives so we are able to live in peace now. Is 2 minutes really enough though to think about those people that have died and gave up their life for us? I wouldn’t say so. The number of people who have died is almost innumerable, there were thousands upon thousands of people. We have the poppies to remember those people who died for us. Did you know that on the wasteland where fallen troops laid the poppies grew? So today and leading up to remembrance day wear your poppies with pride and thankfulness.

Throughout the years there has not been peace across the world, people are still dying, men are still protecting their countries, women and children still live in fear, the guns are still shooting, the bombs are still going off. How those people who signed the peace treaty would be turning in their graves with what has happened since. There is only one explanation as to why peace has not remained and that is because we live in a sinful world. Men (women and children) want for their own, they are greedy, they lust, they envy, they are not kind, we think about ourselves, we want power when we cannot have it. From when we are very young we want to have these things and if we are not taught and disciplined in the right way then this will extend into adulthood and this is where things will get bad and we will have no idea of what society should be and how we should behave. The society is all about what we want and not about how we can help others and what they would like. We are selfish people and we need to try and stop that.

This has been so since the beginning and every person that has ever lived has felt this way and will continue to feel this way. Apart from One! Jesus Christ came to this earth for you, He came to save you, He came to died for you, He came to bring peace to this world, He came to think about others and not himself. What a wonderful feeling, someone came to this world to think about you and your life- How amazing is that! One this remembrance day not only should we think about those that have died past, present and future we should think about the One who really died to give us peace. The One who wants us to rely on him more than other people-Will you do that?

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