Blog 159: No to Satan

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Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you know what this day means? Why do we have Halloween? Should children get dressed up? Do you agree with trick or treating? Do you think ghosts exist? Should everyone, including Christians, celebrate Halloween? How do you feel about Halloween and this time of year? Do you think it is wise to celebrate Halloween? This time can be scary for both children and adults alike with all the dressing up, the dark nights, the trick and treating, not knowing who is going to be knocking at the door. There are so many things that are scary about this day that have caused discussions for past years.

As well as this day being on one of the darkest days of winter it is also celebrated as being a dark day and celebrating witches, ghosts, Satan and the lord of death. Many of us know that there is a good and bad ideal in the world. We all know what this means and how we feel when we do bad things and we know how glad we feel when we do good things. We should be thankful that we do not need to celebrate the dead, Satan and all the evil things but we should celebrate the Lord and all that He has done for us. We should celebrate the Lord and how wonderful He is and not how harmful and dangerous Satan and the devil can be. The Lord is awesome and does so much in our life that we should be grateful and we should be blessed to know that He sends things our way that we are able to cope with and He will help us through all the things that we need.

As a Christian I do not celebrate this day and I am planning on not letting my children celebrate this day either. As Christians we are placed in this world to be a light in the darkness, to show love in all situations and Christ has the power over Satan and his tricks and slyness to celebrate his day and not the day of Christ and His love and acceptance. We need to realise that this is a day when Satan wants to have power across the earth and to have a day were we celebrate him and not God and the amazing world that He has put us in. God has helped us to be in this life, He has a plan for us, He knows what the future holds and Satan does not. God knows what He is doing in our life and we should feel blessed about it.

Halloween is a day where we automatically think about the darkness and how to avoid it and not to take interest in it. However, as a Christian and those around me we should throw ourselves into promoting God and His love and His divine power over Satan and his ways. We need to celebrate the good over evil, God over Satan, love over hate. Over the next few days we need to think about ways that we can reach out to those people who don’t understand who God is and what He is all about. We need to help people understand that God is the only way and life should not be filled with hate and dis-stain but instead filled with love and hope. We should show love to each person that we come across and not hate. We should show grace and not anger. We should show forgiveness and not resentment. We should show care and not harmfulness. We should show patience and not frustration. We should show acceptance and not isolation. We should show provision and not selfishness. We should show Christ in us and not the evil from Satan.

This Halloween focus on the good rather than the evil, reach out to those people of the world and those people that think they are right and don’t have God in their lives. If you do not currently have God in your life or not not trust in Him you really need to think about it and you really need to think weather or not you want to be a better person. You need to think about whether or not you want to change. You need to think whether or not you have God in your life. Will you trust God and His will for you whether it is hard for you to go through? Will you realise at the end of time that Satan will be defeated and God will have the power over him? I do, will you join me?

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