Blog 158: Worry less


Do you worry? Are you scared of worrying too much? Have you wondered why you worry too much? Worrying is part of everyone’s everyday life and we are almost used to it. We worry because we are scared of uncertainty and things that we are not in control off. If you went down the street everyone would have something that they are worrying about it and it can be damaging to their life and people around them. They and you are worrying in one way or another but it is almost a taboo subject that we don’t want to talk about. But why? It is an uncomfortable subject, it is a weird subject, it is a judgemental subject, it is a personal subject.

We have all been taught from a very young age to have a stiff upper lip, ‘keep calm and carry on,’ and to just ‘man up’ and get on with life. We have all heard the quote, ‘a worry shared is a worry cared,’ but do we actual share our worry and do we care about other peoples worry without judging them? Your answer immediately may be yes but do you actually, if you dug deep would you really care or just think it is something pity and small that they don’t need to worry about. As much as we want to try and get on with our lives and try not to worry it is only a natural thing to worry and we are all human and so we are going to worry about small things, big things, important things, unimportant things and many things. It is a natural things to do but it is unnatural to let it keep you awake and to worry more than you need too.

Worrying is a natural thing if it is coming up soon but something that happened a year ago is irrational and it can harm you. Worrying about an exam, a test, getting somewhere on time, the bills you have to pay at the end of the month (for one month only) and maybe work because they are not all going to happen to everyone and they are most likely to be personal to you and your situation. In reality we do not need to worry about something that happened a year ago, people gossiping about us, haters, ageing and death. There is no point in worrying about these things because they are a thing that is going to happen to everyone at some point in their lives. What happened a year ago happened a year ago and we are not able to change it now. We are all going to have people to talk about us behind our back, those people who are jealous of our lifestyle and we are all going to get older and so it is only natural to age, there is no point in worrying about it.

Most of us, especially in Britain we try and not to tell people how we are feeling and we don’t want to have anyone else to deal with our burdens. We think that they have enough to deal with so don’t want them to have our problems as well. However, we are going to worry more if we do not talk about it. You and I need to choose people around us that we can talk about our worries too, we need to trust those people and to be able to talk to them about our innermost thoughts and feelings and not feel judged about it. Sometimes, I have learnt, you don’t need to talk to other people about it, instead write it down and throw it in the bin, or just write it down, or talk out loud about it to yourself. It seems so overwhelming but people do care and people want to listen but they are not always around, they can be busy and sometimes they may not care about you.

However, we are all human and we have selfish desires so we may not have time for other people’s worries and it may be that you don’t want to tell anyone else what you are feeling. However, we are able to talk to God about our worries and He will listen, He will care, He will not judge, He will not gossip and He will not hate us. We can fully rely and trust in God and He will help us with our worrying. God cares about the birds of the air and their food so surely He can care for us. If He cares for the smaller birds, we are much better and so He will care for us and help us to deal with our worries and the things that go on in our life.

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