Blog 157: Why do I blog?


I have often been asked as to why I blog and put my personal life out on the internet and tell you all so much about my life. Apparently I am either brave or stupid in doing so, maybe I am a bit of both! I am glad I am brave to put my whole life on the internet and maybe I am stupid but I want to be able to help people through my journey and through my life in my blogs. I don’t like to be thought of as brave because it is something that I have chosen and I am fully aware of what writing these blogs involve and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so glad that I am able to start these and to help people through their life and through their hardships and their journey that they are going through. Everyone’s life will be different but if I can help then I will be happy.

This is a choice that I have made, between my husband and I we have chosen for me to keep writing my blogs and putting part of my life out there. It is a choice to show the world my story and to show people that just because I have ‘labels’ from the doctor I don’t need to be labelled by the world either. I know that being ‘labelled’ in society is very hard and without really realising it they do keep those ‘labels’ over your head and they do see you differently even if they don’t mean to. This is the choice I have made and I have put myself and my family out there so I can show you that being different isn’t a bad thing but it can be challenging. If everyone was the same it would be so boring!

Like all those people who blog, vlog and write they do keep things away from an audience and it is the same for me. I can’t speak about everything to protect me and my family, to make sure that people are okay with what I write and not to make them part of my blogs unless they are happy with it. If I was able to write about everything then there wouldn’t be enough time and enough paper in the world. I like to keep things to myself such as my health issues, difficulties in my family, my marriage and other personal problems that do not need to be said. I do try and put as much as I can online but somethings I am not able too. I want to look after those people that are in my family and those people that cannot choose whether they are online or not.

I am glad that I am able to put my life on the internet and hopefully someone somewhere will take inspiration and will be able to keep going through their life. I hope that you are able to read my blogs and to be able to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the situations similar to me. I know that a lot of my blogs are full of emotions but I want to show you the rawness of my life, how I cope when things don’t go right, Who I reach out to when things get tough, how I deal with the stress of life and my support base. I know that everyone has difficulties with their lives but I want you to know that it does get easier and the hardships will come to an end.

As much as I don’t write and tell everyone everything because I do want some things to be private I know there is One who knows the inner being of my body and of my heart. I know that God is there for me when no one else is. I know that when I am tossing and turning at night He is there, I know that when I am in my own thoughts He is there, I know that when I am on my own He is there, I know that when I am silent He is there, I know that when I am isolated He is there, I know that when I am struggling He is there, I know that when I am sick He is there, I know that when I am with other people He is there, I know that when I have no one to talk to He is there, I know that when I don’t feel too good He is there and I am so thankful to Him.

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