Blog 156: ‘Baby its cold outside’


Winter is fully here, the coats are back on, the snow shovels are ready, the gloves are out of the cupboard, hot chocolate is ready, the kettle is on a constant boil, snuggling is well back in fashion, the fireplaces are on, winter pyjamas are on, the onesies are out of the cupboard. Winter is fully here but are you ready to embrace it? Are you ready for the cold weather? Are you ready to have the heating on all the time? Are you ready to take ages to get out the door? Are you ready for Christmas in the middle of it? Winter can be a wonderful time of the year with the snow, with the winter birds, with the fireworks, with the blankets, with Christmas in the middle of it, with the boots but can also be annoying. It can be cold and it can be horrible but we need to accept it.

I wonder whether winter has come your way and how you react to the shorter days and the darkness? I personally do not like winter at all, it is cold, it is windy, it is rainy, we have to wear coats. I am a kind of person that likes the hot weather and would prefer to sun bathe rather than hot baths. Don’t get me wrong I would have both but much rather sun bathe. Winter has one amazing thing and that is Christmas. As I write this we are just 51 days away from Christmas and it is exciting! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it really does brighten up the cold winter months. It can help us feel better about winter and the coldness that surrounds it.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to be able to get together family and friends but also it makes us enjoy winter more because we know it is coming and we know that it is the one day in the year were everyone should be happy. Most people at this time of year go away for the winter to cold places-why? It is nice to be able to go our skiing, to have the log fire on in the cabin and to see the scenery. I would never do that but I understand why people do. I really enjoy spending time with a nice hot open fire but I also enjoy spending time at home too. Winter is a time when we should be in nice hot weather or we should be at home enjoying the winter weather around us. There are so much better things than the winter especially the winter sun and we should be grateful for it. Life would be different if we didn’t have the seasons in life. We should be thankful for the different things that God sends our way.

I do find with winter a lot of people are cold but also cold-hearted. A lot of people think about themselves, they want this, that and the other and when they don’t get it they seem annoyed by it. It seems that when the coldness comes everyone gets annoyed and stressed with it. I understand why people feel this way, they are not able to relax if they can’t get to work with the snow, they are not able to get the children to school, they have to spend more time getting ready, they have to get all the winter clothes down from the closet, the days are a lot shorter. Winter is a more stressful time than summer because of the above. Winter is a wonderful time and should be as wonderful summer too but we do have to accept that this is the season we are in and the season will end soon.

However, we need to realise that not everything is in our power and we don’t have control over all things. We need to know that we have yearly seasons but we also have seasons in our life too. Time when things are going well and time when things are going badly, time when we need to rely on others and time when we can help ourselves, time when others need us and time when we are not needed. Things happen in life for a reason and God has total control of your life and of my life. He understands the seasons that we have and it is more special because of that. You would soon want rain if it was to be summer all the year round. Thank God that we have different weather.

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