Blog 154: Where is Grace?

When someone hurts you are you quick to forgive or do you hold a grudge? Do you despise people for a long time? Do you want people to forgive you? Do you remember what that one child did to you at school? Do you feel that you are being betrayed? Do you remember over your life how many people have wronged you? Are you willing to forgive, forget and move on with your life? Are you willing to give grace to those people who harm you? Are you willing to try and move on and forget? Are you willing to keep on going with all the things that you need to do? Grace takes time, Grace is important for everyday life for every person.

Over the years I can still remember the names of people that have wronged me and what they did to me. I still remember the things that I have done wrong as a child, who I hurt, what the punishment was, what treat I lost-I remember a lot. But imagine if everyone remembered that about everyone we would really live in a more messed up world! We live in a world that grace is not number one and people are quick to annoy other people. It is annoying that people are very slow to give grace and to accept other people. People are quick to forgive and forget but are they? However, we need to show grace to others people because God first showed grace to us and we need to accept that and be thankful for that. We need to have Grace in our life, Gods Riches At Christs Expense!

How many people in this world do you think have grace? I would say not many, not because of my experience or because its something that I have talked to people about but because I have ears. It seems to me if you listen to people’s conversations all around they seem to be complaining or slagging someone off because of what they have done, what they have said or what they wear. We somehow seem to have lost how to give grace to people and to show people grace. We have to show grace to other people and we have to show that grace is much better than anything else in this world. We need to be willing to show grace to other people. Where has the grace gone in this country or world?

My motto in life is, ‘Don’t bitch about me if you won’t bitch too me.’ I think this can be true for a lot of people. A lot of people talk about other behind their back and that is where things can start and where bad things can happen. It can be destructive especially if what others are saying are not true. Spreading false rumours around can be horrendous and it can make people less worthy which can lead to other things. It can lead to mental health issues, it can lead to low self-esteem, it can lead to being isolated, it can lead to other people being scared and upset. Nothing is worth than being bitchy. People like to think that others are really happy with them until they get that nasty message or snap chat from a friend. They then suddenly realise that they have three options, to forgive and forget, forgive and not forget or not to do either. Which would you do? Are you ready to show grace to other people, to those who have hurt you, to those who are mean?

I know that I would automatically forgive and not forget but is that wise and should we be doing that? We need to be careful that we do actually forgive other people and not just forget. We need to actually show people that we forgive them and we need to show grace to other people no matter whether they show it back to us. We need to show it even if they don’t do it to us-it is what God has told us to do. Where has the grace gone? Jesus died because He was fully of grace for each and everyone of us on earth that has come, who is hear and who will come in the future. Grace means God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. We can forgive others because Christ first forgave us which means we can go on and forgive other people. We can show other people that Christ forgave us and so we are able to forgive other people.

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