Blog 153: It was only ‘small’


Have you ever told a lie? Have you felt bad about it? Who have you lied too? Why do you lie? Does making you lie feel better? Every person in their life has lied at some point or another. Some people lie all the time, some people don’t really lie and some people sometimes lie. Some people feel good when they lie and other people feel really sick. Some people have told small lies and other people have told big lies, at the end of the day a lie is a lie, a sin is a sin. A lie can affect other people and it will affect yourself too which can be sad. It can harm so many relationships which can be harmful to so many people, at the end of the day it can be destructive.

There are many people why people lie but there us never an excuse for lying and it should never be a good thing. Some people are in fear, some people do it for manipulation, some people are doing it because they are proud. It can be an addiction and it can be damaging to the liar and the person being lied too as it is not a peaceful thing to anybody. Lies can and will ruin any relationship, this can be between parents, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, grandparents, workers, jobs and so much more. It can ruin any ‘perfect’ relationship that anyone has but a lie is a lie, a sin is a sin.

A lot of people lie because it makes them feel good, they are prideful, they want to look better than anyone else and they don’t want people to know what they are doing so they make it up as they go. So many people lie through their life and they feel better for it but they really are not. They are not comfortable in their own skin, they are not comfortable with the person they are, they are not comfortable with who they are with, they are not comfortable with what they are doing, they are not comfortable with who they are with and they try to make their life look ‘perfect’ on the outside and don’t want to let people into their lives. A lie is a lie no matter whether it is a ‘white’ lie or an other lie a lie is a lie, a sin is a sin.

Every lie that a person tells breaks down trust and trust takes a long time to build back up. Every lie breaks down a brick and as we know a brick wall takes a really long time to build up again and lying is just like that. Lying is very tiring and very stressful for both parties involved and it can harm all people involved. Lying is exhausting, when you tell one lie you have to keep going and keep going and when it breaks that is all trust gone and no one ends up believing anything you are saying. Is it really worth the point in telling lies? Is there any point in hurting other people? Is there any point in telling lies and ruining relationships? Is there any point in breaking down the trust that people had in you? Is there any point in lies? There is no point in lying and there is no point in harming other people so we need to stop lying.

As much as we try not to tell lies we all will do at some point in our lives. We will always sin and we will always do things that are not write. We sin and each time we lie to someone we need to be able to ask for forgiveness and we need to move on and build that trust up again. Trust takes a while to build up but every time we do sin we can reach out to people and they may forgive us but they may not. However, we will be able to come to Jesus and we are able to tell Him how we feel and He will forgive us. He will forgive our lies, our faults and our sins. He will forgive us if we are willing to come to Him and say sorry which we need to be able to do. Jesus hates lies and Jesus knows when we lie and that is sad and we should be ashamed. We should be ashamed that we lie and we can harm people through it, we should try and improve and make an effort through each and everyday.

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