Blog 151: Happy Birthday

mother in law

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the birthday of the mother of my husband, my mother-in-law, the mother to my husband brothers, the other mum in my life, the second person I go to if I am in a problem, the person who loves my cakes, the person who makes me laugh, the person who feeds me loads of ice cream, the person who feeds me so much, the person who gives me advice, the person who comes round just to bring food, the person who takes me to appointments, the person who I love so much! I am amazed at how much she does for me and my husband and my family, I am amazed that when she is busy she still has time for us, I am amazed that she tries to make everyone feel better, I am amazed that she accepted me into her family, I am amazed with all my ‘labels’ she still loves me, I am amazed that she loves me as her sons wife, I am amazed that will all the goes on in her life she still has time for me and is still interested in my life. I am so happy and so blessed to be able to have her in my life and I wish her a very very happy Birthday.

I know so many people who don’t get on with their mother-in-law and their relationship is nothing but happy. Many people don’t get on with their in-laws but I am so blessed that I am able to have the best relationship with my mother-in-law (also known as MIL). Sometimes it is not always easy but other times it is the best. The best times always outweigh the hard times and the hard times are few and far between. My MIL has been amazing through my journey of dating her son, through my journey of depression and through my journey of recovery. Whenever, I have needed to talk to her she has had time, she has had time to come over for coffee (as long as it is Swedish!), she has had time to go on MIL dates.

With not having a daughter I think my MIL likes to have another women around and in the house. It is good to talk about womanly things and she is able to help me when womanly things happen and I need advice. A husband is great but he doesn’t know or understand the pain we have to go through each month and they don’t quite know how much pain it is and they will never know. I am so amazed at how much my MIL does for both our little family and her other two sons. She supports each of our choices and will give us advice when we need it. She is amazing and we are so blessed. She really is the best MIL in the world.

My MIL has helped my husband to grow and she has given me the best present I could ever have by her having and bearing my husband and giving him the best life that she could give him. She works hard for herself, for her family and for her friends. She keeps the freezer full of ice cream just in case I need to go to my ‘happy place.’ I am so grateful that I am able to celebrate her birthday with her and I can spoil her like she has spoilt her boys and now me over the years. Over the years I know her life has not been easy but is has not been hard but she has helped everyone around her to be able to have a better life and to let them know that she will be there when we need it.

Even though my MIL will be there most of the time when I need her, however, sometimes she will be at work, sometimes she will be with family, sometimes she is out, sometimes she will be busy but I know that she will be there when she can. With her not being around all the time I know I can rely on God and when I need Him He will be there and He will help me to continue within the day, the week, the month and the years. I know that in all times God will be there not matter how I am feeling, no matter how much pain I will be in God will be there and He will continue to bless and keep me safe when no one else is around.

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