Blog 150: The new norm

Laredo, Texas, Fines Residents for Not Wearing Masks in Public ...

What does the new normal look like for you? Working from home? Having the kids all the time? Trying to home school the children? Only going out when really needed? Wearing a mask even when you are with family? Not being able to see parents/grandparents? Buying only what you need from the shops? There have been so many things over the last few months that we have had to accept as being the new norm. We may not like the things that have happened but we have had to accept it and we have had to get on with it no matter how we feel about it. There have been times that I have not wanted to go out because I have had to wear a mask or I am afraid of the the germs that are all over the place, there have been times that I have not been able to see loved ones because of their vulnerability and there was even a time when I was unable to have my own wedding because all weddings and gatherings were cancelled. There have been many things that different people have had to come to terms with and these last few months have been hard for each person in their own way.

Over the last months things have changed more than we could have imagined. Remember the 31st December and we all said that this would be our year? Well, that didn’t happen did it? For me it was getting married and having a huge celebration, it was having people from abroad be with us on our special day, it was families coming together, it was friends being present but instead and at one point we were unable to have our wedding. We did have it in the end and you can read all about it here. There are so many things that people have not been able to do because of the last few months of lock down, people have passed away-we will never get them back, people have lost jobs-they will never be secure again and people have had babies who will grow up not having any baby photos of themselves with family members. No matter what we have all gone through it has been hard for each of us and we need to remember that.

As we go into shops and see people tired we need to remember that they may have children at home, may be working for the health services, may have lost their jobs or may have even lost someone to Covid-19. There is no reason to get annoyed if someone has forgotten their mask, there is no reason to have a go at someone for queue jumping, there is no reason to be mad if you can’t find the thing that you want. We are all under some sort of pressure and we need to be kind to each other and realise that we are all in the Covid-19 boat together with some going through bigger storms than others. We may be beginning to go into calmer waters now, we may be beginning to have time with family, weddings may be back on, we may be able to attend funerals but in reality this last year has been a no go area! Children are now just beginning to go back to school and some parents are still not happy with sending there children out, some workplaces have had to change things around, we may have masks for the next little while-it sure has been hard and it sure has been something that we have had to get used to.

There are many reasons as to why things will happen but we can all know that we do not know how this pandemic came across the whole world. We may not realise it but the end is near, the end is coming and Jesus will soon return. We are in a place between Jesus’ first coming and His last and we will have things like this come up, we will have storms, we will have people dying, we will have children being poor, we will have earthquakes. This may sound morbid and it may be something that you are not wanting to read but I promise you there is good news. Jesus will one day come back, He will be there to take us to the new heavens, we will be able to worship him forever and we will be able to live forever. We just need to trust and believe that He is fully in control and he knows what he is doing even when we are not sure of what is happening and what is to come.

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