Blog 149: It’s Fall


Can you believe that the summer is now of and fall, or autumn is just around the corner! It is the beginning of September and fall is just around the corner and about to start. It is such a shame that after fall follows winter but I love all the colours on the trees an the new things that are happening. Other than summer what is better than getting all the sweaters out, the colours of the leaves, the fall drinks, the crisp and refreshing air, the log fires, crunchy leaves and so much more. I love this season and all the new things that it brings. Fall seems to be the best time for celebration from firework night to pumpkin season!

I can’t believe that the year is going so fast and the year is almost over, can you believe how fast the year is going and it has no plan of slowing down anytime soon! I can’t believe that September is starting already and school is about to start! As the new school year is upon us it is time for children to go back to school and for the teachers to start the year again. Each school year seems to go quickly and the annual year seems to go quickly too. School uniforms are being bought, the packed lunches are being bought, the PE kits are getting cleaned, the teachers are preparing and the school bells are getting their dust off. All across the country parents are getting ready to send their children off to school, they are getting ready to send their first born to primary school or secondary school, they are getting ready to dust the shoes of and the blister plasters are getting unpacked and ready.

Going back to school for us at the moment is getting my husband ready for another year of teaching and making sure that he is prepared. Being a teacher is really hard and takes a lot of work and sacrifice. A lot of people think that they get six weeks of in the summer and then another 7 weeks off throughout the year and work 8-5 everyday but that is really not true. Yes they get 13 weeks of not teaching but they still have to do marking, lesson planning, cleaning the classroom, table planning, testing, Excel sheets, presentations, training and so much more. It is crazy how much work they do and how much they need to do. For most children they have 13 years of school and then they are done however teachers have years and years, my mum working in a school for almost 35 years and that was tough!

Fall is a great time to go back to school, the nights get shorter so the children can go to bed early, there is just 6 weeks until Christmas and time keeps flying by. While walking to school the leaves are crisp and the air is cold but it wakes the sleepy children up and what is a better way to wake up then to hear the birds in the air just waking up. There is nothing like walking through the park in the early morning as it is like walking through an oil painting. It is so amazing to see it and to be part of it. Fall is the time when we can have bucket fulls of hot chocolate and blankets and not feel bad about it, we can chill with a movie and a hot drink and it seems all good. I love fall and the creation around. Fall seems to be the time when the colours and the world changes and I am so grateful for the changes that happen and the Christmas that come along with it as well. Fall is the beginning of winter and what a beautiful time it is and we need to enjoy every moment of it.

When God created the seasons He did such a wonderful job and the ideas of having so many colours in such a short time is genius. No one had a better idea than God and he created an amazing world. It honestly is like being in a painting and God is the best painter in the world. How can anyone go through life thinking there is no God when fall clearly points to it. Praise to God with different seasons and letting us live through different things and give us different creations to be in awe of. I love fall, the colours, the blankets, the sweaters but most of all the creation that God has put around me.

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