Blog 148: Why?


‘We are going to the park’ why?’ ‘we are going home’ Why?’ ‘we are going to school’ why?’ we are going in the car’ why?’ we are heading to nannies’ ‘why?’ ‘you need some fruit’ ‘why?’ ‘can you take your shoes off’ ‘why?’ ‘you need to have a bath’ ‘why?’ ‘you need to tidy now’ ‘why?’ ‘you need to sit down’ ‘why?’ Every child that I have come across has gone through a phrase in their life of asking why this and why that. It seems to be when they are between the age of two and three and have so much interest in life and what goes on but they only seem to ask that one word. As adults we don’t ask why to the simple things in life but the hard things that we don’t understand and why it has happened to us. We often wonder why we have to go through certain things, why we have certain issues, why we can’t sleep and so much more. It can be very annoying when we do not know the answer to it. We tell children certain things so they can have fun, be healthy, see family, be safe and they questions why and sometimes you don’t even have the energy to explain and other times you just tell them its good for them and don’t really go into the details. I actually wonder if this is good for them?

When they get to adulthood they are going to have more why questions and they will want to know the answers but because they have been shut down as children they won’t want to ask them again. In my life I have done this, rather than asking the why questions I have researched it on the internet but some answers I don’t seem to get. ‘Why am I depressed?’ ‘What happens when you die?’ ‘What medication can you kill yourself with?’ ‘Will people feel sad if you dies?’ ‘Can you kill yourself without people knowing?’ ‘What will happen to your body when you want to pass away.’ That has just been some of my search history but they all have a common theme-negativity. They all seem to be surrounded by the question of ‘why’ and it can be hard when we do not get answers to our many question. We will never know all the answers though because we are not all knowing and it can be very frustrating but we have to trust in God and what He does for us.

At the age I am at I often ask the why question and it can be about my personal life or the world and why so much bad things happen. If you just opened up a newspaper today or looked online their would be so much negative news. Stabbings. Murders. Suicide. Crashes. Deaths. No government. Protests. Wars. Divorces. Step families. Breakups. All of those happen each and everyday and the people involved always ask why. It can be heart breaking to see a little child torn from their home and in hospital, another child stillborn, children’s homes bombed, adults being abused, people being killed, the elderly getting burgled.

It is such a sad, sad world that we live in but it all goes back to the beginning. We all know about Adam and Eve and they are the first humans that lived in this world but did you know that that is where sin came from? As a family they were the first man on the earth, first woman on the earth, first marriage, first child to be born, first murder, first argument and why all because they ate from the tree that they were told not to eat from. God has said that they could eat from anything but because of their greed and selfish desires as well as being tempted they ate the one thing that they were not meant to. It all started with them and has gone down through the generations to us today.

However, there is good news and news that we should be thankful for in the sad and broken world that we live in today. Not all is lost, we are able to turn to God as He sent Jesus to be tortured, mocked, stripped, killed, speared all for us. What is greater than someone giving up their life for you-Do you know anyone else that would do that? I don’t. He can be the freedom that we all need but we need to turn and accept His gift to us. There is no gift that is greater than Jesus!

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