Blog 147: The best Day


We all know what a good old duvet day is, a day in your PJs, watching T.V. and in my case with a huge cup of tea and then later some ice cream and my life couldn’t be better. I love duvet days especially when I have someone to share it with and it turns into a watch this movie/ sleep/ takeaway kind of day. It is a wonderful day not needing to do things and just to stop and enjoy time with those people that we love and maybe have not been able to see for a long time.They are especially good on a rainy and miserable day and overall make you feel better until you realise you have missed a whole day doing chores, the washing is piling up, the pots and pans are sticky, the children have smelly socks on and that last ditch attempt not to need the toilet when you have just got warm and comfy, Duvet days are great but they will come back and bite you the next day and that can be very annoying-we soon learn that we life we are not able to have as many of these as we would like!

I personally love duvet days as I forget everyone and everything around me. I try and move away from the things that worry me and try and focus on myself or the movie at hand. I feel that I am getting a long day hug from a duvet and to be honest it feels great. I know that no one can give up a whole day to hug me but a duvet can and I feel good. I know like so many other things this day cannot last but it makes me feel better. I am sure that over the years things will improve and I won’t need to have these days as often as I do right now. I am really hoping that throughout the years I will be able to have time to have rest days but also to do so much more with my life. I want to go and see more people and to go and see more places which I am looking forward to. The best thing is I now have a husband to do it with! I have a person to talk to and to have adventures and memories to make with all the things I do in life.

I feel safe in my duvet, I know that nothing can get me and I have my emotions and how I feel under control. I can hold in my emotions a bit longer and I can try to ignore them but the next day they come back to haunt me. They come back with a vengeance. It is hard to make them go away, I want to cry but have no tears left, I want to get angry over nothing, I want to unkind but can’t be. There are so many things that I want to be but I can’t because I know that it is not right and things are like that. All things happen for a reason and maybe my body needed that duvet day to rest and recover from the stresses of life. I know that not having a job will mean that I do not have the stresses of everyday life but just being out of bed takes so much of my energy.

We all need a day where we are able to rest and keep our energy going-that is why people go on holiday to get away from the things that happen at home. For me a duvet is my safe space. Don’t get me wrong I am up for showing emotion but at the right time and place. I once walked into a coffee shop and the number of people that just stared at me and did nothing was amazing. I think they must have thought I was possessed. Society has this image of holding your emotions in and bundling them up with you in a duvet or keeping them at home why one goes about their daily business.

I find showing my emotions to others hard but God knows how I feel before I feel it and He is there when I’m not able to tell anyone else. He knows when the tears come in silent, when the brain is tired from negative things, when I don’t have the energy. I am thankful that He has put people in place that are able to help me to stay focused on Him and to be able to express how I am feeling and I am not getting judged for who I am.

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