Blog 146: Just stop

Conceptual stop sign with blue sky background and copy space.

How often do you take time for yourself? How often do you look around? How often do you take time with family? When do you stop and take time for yourself? When do you stop and breath for a moment? Have you every stopped in the street and just looked around? When did you just stop what you were doing and looked around? How often do you stop with life? Do you ever just stop? Do you ever just think about life and how you treat people? When was the last time you stopped and looked at your family? Why did you press the pause button on your life? When did you put the brake on? Do you find it hard to have time with those people that you love? Do you just try and stop and take time for you and your family?

Stopping and taking time in life to look around, observe and continue takes time and it takes practice to be able to just stop and take time for yourself and your family. Stopping and taking time for your family, friends and yourself is so worth while and it is good to refresh the mind and the body. Pausing life takes time and it takes a lot to be able to just stop. There is so many things in life happening with family, jobs, friends, work, shopping, church, children, spouses, religion, birthdays, occasions, gatherings and so much more. We can understand why life is so busy and why so many people don’t just stop but we do need time to have with our friends and family. Life is short and we need to make the most of time we have left with them. We need to take time to appreciate all those around us that love us and want to spend time with us.

Every weekend when you stop work and have time for yourself what do you do? What time do you take for yourself? Weekends can be busy and before we know it Monday is back and the busy start of the week starts again. What do you do with your weekend? Do you have a pause button for the weekend? Do you just stop what you are doing and take time for yourself and for your family? The weekend is time for us to stop and for us to just stop our lives and take time for ourselves. We just need to stop and we just need to take time out to look at life and stop rushing around. If you stopped rushing around I can promise you, you will see things that you have never seen before, hear things that you have never heard and so much more. It will change your life and you will feel better for it.

Each and everyday we have so much going on, we are rushing around, we are putting other people first, we have a job to do, we have timings that we have to meet, we have meetings that we have to go to and a lot more. However, we do stop we somehow feel weird and we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. You need to have time for yourself and we need to be able to ‘be selfish’ and not feel bad about it. We need to be able to have time for ourselves and just stop our lives and breath for the moment and for a bit longer. It will be good for us all in the long run with our health and our mental health too. We can stop and enjoy what life gives us, we can value time with the children, we are able to have date time with our spouse, we can take days of to spend with our parents and that is important.

We are always busy and we seem to be able to be busy for our family that some people get left out and we feel pressure. However, we should never be too busy for God and we should be able to come to Him at any point of the day. We can make the time for ourselves and our family but it is better if we make time for God and the way that He wants us to live. It is going to be hard to make time for family let alone God but He is always there and we don’t need to squeeze Him in but can come at any other time. Thank God that He can hear us at anytime and we can come to Him whatever and however we are.

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