Blog 139: The OAPs or VIPs


What age do you start to call someone old? When they have grandchild? When they reach 60? When they have a retirement party? When they get a free bus pass? When they can’t move? When they are stuck inside for days? When they give up driving? When they have a walking stick? When they have to go into an old peoples home? When they can’t get their shopping? When they start to get discounts? When they get their first grey hair? When they need reading glasses? When they get a newspaper everyday? What age would you call them old or old age pensioners? Would you even call them old or the older generation?

I don’t like to call the old people old, I like to say that they are the older generation or they are VIPs. Why? Mainly because they are very important people from the older generation. They helped us to win the war, they survived the war so that we could be here today, they have been through so many different leaders, they have helped us grow up, they gave us so much when all we could do was give little back. The older generation have been there through the tough times and they have been there when things have not gone right. For me they are people that I can talk to and they listen, they can give me advice and wisdom which I am so grateful for. I know that when I need wise words I am able to talk to the older generation.

There are so man special days across the world, things that don’t actually really matter, things that we don’t really know or take interest in. These are some of the weirdest ones, national spaghetti day (January 4th), National Oreo day (March 6th), National crayon day (March 31st), National cheese day (June 4th), National Dog Day (August 26th), National no bra day (October 13th). I didn’t even know about these let alone celebrate them until I looked them up on google. However, now that I have found them I will not be celebrating them, especially the latter. I don’t even understand how people celebrate these days and how strange they are! I can’t believe that these dates are even in the diary and have space for people to know about them.

However, today is a special day that I think everyone should think about and that is Senior Citizens Day, celebrated on the 21st August every year. This should be a day when we are thankful for the older generation and what they sacrificed and did for us to enable us to be able to have the life that we now live. The older generation have been through a lot and have helped each and everyone one of to become who we are today and we should be grateful. When was the last time you helped an older person cross the street? When was the last time you got some shopping for and older neighbour? When was the last time you took your grandparents out for a day? When was the last time you offered to do some DIY for the older generation? When was the last time you gave someone from the older generation some flowers? Maybe you can start from today.

In all this and thinking about those people and grandparents that have helped us we need to realise that life is short, life goes before our eyes and it can go quickly, the older generation have seen you be born and the next thing they know is that you are having a child of your own-how crazy is that for them. Maybe sometimes you need to be able to put yourself in their shoes and to be able to see how they feel about life. Don’t argue with them, be kind. Don’t get annoyed with them, be patient. Don’t get frustrated at them, help them.

Throughout life the older generation pass away and you have to try and live life without them but for me there is God who I can turn to. He is patient when we don’t listen to him. He will help us to improve and see what we are doing wrong. He will help us in life and not just to cross the road. We need to be grateful for the older people today but more grateful for the God who helped us have the older people around us who are full of wisdom and love. Will you give something back to them today?

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