Blog 138: The word ‘love’


The word love these days is used very loosely and not many people mean it. ‘I love it,’ I love doing that,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I love this program,’ ‘I love that person,’ ‘I love that car,’ ‘I love that colour,’ ‘I love this ride,’ ‘I love this walk,’ ‘I love this tree,’ ‘I love this holiday,’ ‘I love this drink,’ ‘I love this song,’ ‘I love this dance,’ I love this shampoo,’ ‘I love this hair cut,’ ‘I love this make up,’ ‘I love this outfit,’ ‘I love this restaurant,’ ‘I love this food,’ ‘I love this place,’ ‘I love this tv,’ ‘I love my parents,’ ‘I love that game.’ As you can see we use the word very commonly and most of the time we don’t really think what we are talking about and how important the word ‘love’ is. We even use it to describe other people but do you/ I really mean it?

The word love has gone from being an utmost and inner feeling to being thrown around and not really thought off. The more we use this word the more it looses its meaning and the more it really shouldn’t be used for a real thing. When we say the word ‘love’ it means that we don’t have to really talk about our feelings and think about the words that we need to say for other people to understand us. We use love as more of a auditory way (I love that song), a visual love (I love that t-shirt), a techno-love (I love my iphone), scented love (I love this chocolate), family love (I love my parents), romantic love (I love my boyfriend). The latter two are the way the word ‘love’ is meant to be used but we use it in more of a casual way.

The dictionary definition is, ‘to have a strong liking for’ but do we really have that for most of the things in our life? If this was true then we would be exhausted from having strong feelings all the time and not chilling with our feelings. As a society we are throwing around the word ‘love’ and it is becoming common and it is beginning to be watered down when it should be a strong feeling of how one feels. We should only use this word to express a deep and intimate meaning rather than a casual thing. Instead of using it for an intense and beautiful feeling that God has given us we are using it as a replacement for the word ‘like.’ It is a bad thing and we need to start being careful with the words that we use and the things that we ‘love’

Most people I know have used ‘love’ loosely and I am guilty of doing this too and almost all the time. I don’t fully mean that I intensely love something but it is about liking something and not having another word for it.  I am trying and learning to use ‘love’ in a more intense way and for something I mean rather than something that is so casual and doesn’t have any real meaning. I can tell you now that I like chocolate but I don’t love it. If someone told me I couldn’t have it for the rest of my life I wouldn’t be mad. However, I do love my husband. If someone told me I couldn’t be with my husband I would be heartbroken because I have the real intense and deep meaning of love for him. Moving forward now when I say the word ‘love’ I want it to really mean love and not to be used loosely and instead of the word ‘like.’

We may try and love many things but it is not a real meaning unless it is intense, real and meaningful. However, as much as people love each other the best they can they do fail us and sometimes they may not love us as they should. However, there is One who loves every person on this planet and loved us so much that He died for us. He sacrificed His own life so we are able to have one. He lived a perfect life so we can have an everlasting one. He died a perfect death so we don’t have to die. He loved us so much that He gave us Jesus. He loved us so much He wants to spend eternity with Him. God really does love us and it means an intense and real meaning and not used loosely because He really means it. How amazing!

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