Blog 137: Sun, sun and more sun

sun, sun and more sun

I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of the holidays! How time has flown by. It seems like yesterday school was just finishing, year 6s were getting their shirts signed, the exams were over, years 7s had their trial days, there was open evenings, parents days, end of year activities and now starting back is just around the corner, within two weeks students and teacher alike will be going back to school. If only that was the case but so many people have had to sacrifice so much time away from school and events due to covid-19. Why can six weeks of being on holiday go so quickly but 6 weeks of working go so slowly? Maybe its because we are having more fun when we are off and it aren’t always looking at the time to see when the next lesson is? We are not time watching and we have time to be free with our family and friends.

I seem to have missed summer completely in my blogs this year but here is me making up for it. We have been married for just over a month and have had our first summer holiday as a married couple and I have to say it has been amazing. We have enjoyed spending time with other, with each others families and just pausing our life and thinking about the year to come. Between the two of us we have so many dreams and ideas that we would like to do in the future but being married is all about compromise and making sure we are putting the other person first and that is what our summer has been all about. We have been able to make plans and see what each other enjoys about life and the adventures that we keep going on.

Summer is the time when anything goes and when teachers have the most time of work and it has been wonderful to be able to have my husband home and around. It is really nice not to have an alarm on, to be able to sleep in and to have the day together, to see family and friends, to go out whenever we want to and not to be able to be in a routine all the time. For us, summer is the time when we are able to get most things done and we are able to have six weeks to do what we would like to do without any restrictions. I love summer with the sun, the drinks, the beach and the long evenings. It is nice to have one last push of good weather before the winter starts again. It is nice to have one last BBQ before the normal routines start again.

When I was growing up the minute we knew it was going to be good weather on a Sunday we would get the BBQ out and we wouldn’t put it away until it was basically snowing. I loved the Sundays we are able to have a BBQ and being able to be in summer for as long as possible. I love summer, the days on the beach, the cold drinks, the ice cream (although you don’t just have to have them in the summer), the late nights, the sun for most of the day, the summer dresses, I just love all things summer. I love packing away my winter clothes at the earliest point and not getting them back out until the last minute. I love all the seasons of the year but the best is summer. I am in awe that in 12 months we have 4 different seasons and I do live in England so it can happen in just one day!

We have different seasons across the year and I am so grateful for it. There are so many things that happen in a year and different changes it is sometimes hard to keep up. However, as much as we go through change in a day let alone a year God does not change, He does not go through seasons, He does not change His mood. He keeps us going whatever the weather and when we think winter is not ending He gives us the summer and the new plants and new creation to praise Him more and more. It is amazing that God created 4 seasons so then we are not going straight from winter to summer but we are able to drift into them. How amazing that God thought about that and we can be praising Him throughout the year. We have four different seasons to praise God and the change in the world and scenery. He created such a wonderful world!

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