Blog 135: Thank You


‘Thank you’, ‘Gracias’, ‘Merci’, ‘Grazie’, ‘Arigato’, ‘do Jeh’, ‘danke sehr’, ‘khop khun mak kha’, ‘takk’, ‘mahalo’, ‘toda’, ‘shukran’, ‘xie xie’, ‘dank u’, ‘spasiba’, ‘salamat’, ‘kamsa hamnida’, ‘dankie’, ‘ta’, ‘cheers’, ‘dekuji’, ‘kittos’, ‘terima kasih’, ‘obrigado’, ‘tesekkür ederim’, ‘kawp-kun krap/ka’, ‘asante’, ‘istutiy.’ There are so many ways to say thank you and in so many different languages too. However do you use them?

How often do you say these two words? Do you remember to say them? When do you say them? Do you teach your children to say these words? Does it hurt to say these words? When do children need to say this? How often do you mean these two words? Do you find them hard to say? Do you give a hug to say thank you? For some people saying thank you is hard and they prefer not to say it. It is manners and it is important to say these things and to really mean it. It is easy just to say a quick ‘cheers’ or ‘thank you’ but do you really mean it and do you really want to say it? It is often something that is forgotten and these days is not something that is taught to our children.

‘Thank you’ are two important words in anyone language and everyone should really learn how to say them as manners are very important. ‘thank you’ are only two words but can mean so much. They are such tiny words that people seem to miss out on them but to keep everyone happy it is really important to say them and we teach our children at a very young age the importance of them. In this world there is so much to be thankful for. Thank you to teachers, thank you to parents, thank you to grandparents, thank you to friends, thank you to education, thank you for the government, thank you for food, thank you for health, thank you for love, thank you for doctors, thank you for nurses, thank you for houses, thank you for warmth, thank you for water.

Thank you for love, thank you for creation, thank you for animals, thank you for pets, thank you for providing, thank you for our bodies, thank you for being there, thank you for travel, thank you for holidays, thank you for jobs, thank you for brains, thank you for intelligence, thank you for weather, thank you for children, thank you for babies, thank you for internet, thank you for brains, thank you for flowers, thank you for gardens, thank you for birds, thank you for the fish of the sea, thank you for the grass, thank you for the sea, thank you for spouses, thank you for family, thank you for emotions, thank you for everything. Who are we thanking though? We often thank the people around us but do we think of God and how much He has given to us? It is easy to say thank you to those people around us but we often forget to say thank you to the One who provided it to us and has kept us going throughout life.

When we say these two words who do we say it too? We may say it to people we may know or we may say it to people we don’t know but it is a polite thing. However, what about saying it to God? We know that this world got created somehow, some people think it was the big bang, others thing it was something in the universe and others think it was God. For me I know that God created the world and what an amazing world we live in and how beautiful are things around us! There must and was a God who created this world and all the creators in it and isn’t it amazing? We need to be thankful to Him because if it wasn’t for God creating the world then we would not be alive today and we would not be able to see, hear and touch all the wonderful things that He has created.

Don’t you look at the sea and wonder how the tides were created? Don’t you look at animals and think who had the creative art to do this? We have such a variety of birds, animals, fish and humans which is amazing and for every thanks I give to each and every person that I meet I am more thankful to God. Just take a look at the sky and see how wonderful and amazing God is! I blessed and grateful that He has put creation all around me so I am able see Gods work in everything around me!

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